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ical patterns of every living being. With an
Electropsychometer, the operator is enabled to
observe on meter dials the conscious-level
reversal of previous negative energy flows.
When the discharge dies away, as indicated on
the meter dials, the operator knows that the
specific technique in use has exhausted its
value, for the time being. Even more essential, the meter dials also register a worsening
situation that may occur if a technique is
applied that does not fit the particular case.

Following are the two major procedures of
energy flow therapy. These two techniques -- and
only these two -- can be used with or without an
Electropsychometer. The practice of them is of
benefit to any living person, without exception.

A pattern of "negative energy flow" means a
system of persistently duplicated energy flows
that have gradually created destructive effects
in the psychophysical area of the personality.
This formulation should be briefly presented
to the instructee. Then, by way of example,
the instructor may say:

"Let your entire body relax. Imagine that
your body is only a skin sack full of energy
stuff, intransient patterns, some of it good
or constructive and some bad or destructive.
With this concept clearly set up in your mind,
imagine now that you are starting to flow negative or destructive energy right out of your
body. A destructive energy flow may be imaged
up or symbolized as. looking like sharp, ugly
bits of gravel flowing out of you in a continuous stream. You need not necessarily image up
this negative flow gravel stuff as pouring out
of an actual hole in your body, but as coming
out through your skin and forming a thick,
dense stream as it falls from your body. However, if you do see a hole from which this
ugly gravel stuff seems to be pouring out,
that will be perfectly all right, too. It
should pour straight downward, for it is very
heavy. You may imagine you are up somewhere at
a great hei, and you can see this dirty
gravel stuff streaming down, falling away from

"This is important! Don't 'exteriorize'
yourself. That is, don't imagine that you are
outside of your body, watching the negative
energy-flow gravel streaming out of you. Be
yourself, be in your body and in your head.
Just see and fa, l the stuff pouring out of
you. Let it pour from whatever area- of your
body is in trouble. If your trouble is in your
stomach, let the gravel pour down from your
stomach and out through your back.

"If you have a headache, or any condition
that requires that you flow the gravel stuff
out of your head, you may lie on your stomach
and watch the stuff pour down out of your
forehead, out of your eyes, your cheeks. Another way to work a head flow-out is to image
that the stuff is pouring out of the back of
your head, that it is falling into a metal
chute which slopes down and away from you, to
one side or the other, in range of your vision, so that you can see/ the stuff flowing
down the slanting chute. Let the chute slope
down into a deep gorge or chasm. This is also
a good way to work a flow-out from the back of
the neck or from any rearward or spinal area
of the body.

"Keep duplicating your mental pictures of
this flow. Let the stuff pour and pour.
"If you are able to do so, imagine that you
hear the hissing sound. of the energy stuff
pouring out of you. It may be heavy; there may
also be a sensation of jarring or vibration.
You may also receive some unpleasant odor, as
of some powerful poisonous chemical."

In my own case, when I use this
technique- -Tha, AR
and I use it every week or oftener -- I do not
see gravel stuff, but a flow of black radioactive cinders, sharp and ragged in shape, and
radiating hot energy as they fall. I usually
see the black cinder-flow falling with a steam
hiss into a body of water below. The essential
thing, however, is to see the gravel or cinder
stuff issuing from the body, rather than where
or how it falls.

The perception of an odor from the flow is
not common. The main perception is to see the
outflow from bodily areas, and secondarily,
hearing the flow.

This technique is extremely easy to practice, and, up to this time, is by far the most
effective of all the energy flow techniques.
The procedure ,may seem silly or fantastic to
the conscious mind, but be assured, it is very
real to the subconscious or superconscious

This technique is the supremely best one
for severe cases, but it should, of course., be
used in all cases, without exception. The procedure never exhausts itself, It may be compared to one's taking a bath, shaving, or
washing one's hair. No matter how good a job
you do, more dirt accumulates and you wash or
bathe again. Similarly, negative energy flowouts may be repeated at inthrvals, day after
day, week after week, indefinitely.
(To be continued in the November AIMEE)
Self-honesty Can Alter Your Perspectives
tess of recovering the hidden sensory data and
the process of dealing with it after it has
been recovered are separate and distinct processes. Many times I have seen sensory data recovered (self-honesty achieved) without any
change occurring in the reactive behavior of
the individual. I believe the reason is that
the individual did not accomplish intellectual

Neither self-honesty nor intellectual differentiation are endowed characteristics. At
least, in the light of my own experience and
observation, I am inclined to this conclusion.
Each of these abilities may be developed by
any "normal" individual. The degree of development will be determined by the amount of
effort invested.

To help develop self-honesty and intellect
ual differentiation, you may use the following
Whenever you find yourself in a situation
that is uncomfortable to you, ask yourself the
question: "In what way am I responsible for
the way I feel?" Search your memory for the
answer. When you find it, make a deliberate
attempt to differentiate between the original
sensory data and all other similar data.
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