Volume 3, Issue 5, page 9

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, Del., sent ts plant
wn experimental as we find out
The plant was well-wrapped soilf isa to print it atigerden. protected, but by the time it had think pictures
made the long tortuous journey of welcome relief
two weeks from Delaware to Oklahoma, bald hearts and
the cactus had given m _the ghost... flecks Dale,
I Flizabeth Gillies, Florida Doctor -- are be
of Scientology, is now Mrs. Fritz time r!!n,
Albrecht. The bridegroom is mead of near Puebo,
the electrical laboratory of the calves, and 108
Glenn L. Martin Aircraft factory in up, too, but we
Henit3 Md... 'We wenit claim we a to essap
startad it, but this "Christnms in offis ice while
July" of ours may eventnmtly become still ripe. Ioo
a serious rival for the business in to be our first
December. Not only has a church in or so of
Arkansas adopted the mid-sum her eel- 00' the bed...
ebration, but a special "Christmas of buffoonery
package" from Joanna and Hardin marked•, ~o
Walsh, when stripped of its gay that is) and:
xxrra~ppp , was found to contain a
bottle of cologne. Engraved on the started pacing
bottle were the words, Christmas in cemetery lot
July". It stinks good, too. We can- himwplblessssi
sidered saving it until next summer
ard mixing it in the ink with Mich People who iv
we'll print our "Annual Christmas titres, have dev
Issue", but the way the Publisher is for it to a fin
using it, there won't be any left...
tait or are s
deflation e a: ton sent is a old repeater other day we hadn't hidden word or
heard before. "Scientology", he unleash all the
says, "is the system that keeps its enslavement of
failures and eliminates its success- surprised to
es" 'Ard we t mention here learn more
that in Fred's letter last month, we they were to
said that Clyde Marshall "has a of this planet
chain of electronic tune bending ma- vor D g ppooa
chines", and it should have been e Probl
"tube vying" We mast have been uis terpretatio
thinking of the warped racket caning word at a thit
out of some of our 21-hour radio milt couceivab
stations... 'Jack )horner and his la- probably has.
test marital conquest are reported cellent job in mot itin P Aho enix ..ean Stnckmeyer, ita home to the
wife of one of the ex-HAM attor- examples of
neys in Phoenix, won $55) recently French, Fsperan
in (censored by postal regula- into his discus
tiena)... won Galushg, D.Scn.Etc., in 12 pages, one
of Pueblo, Colo., temporarily unem -- that many 1
ployed because of the steel strike, of them into 1
took advantage of his free time to Ivor guilty of
give an auditing "intensive" to a tim which he
pre-clear in Ohio...'Tdg Churchill, he issue a rev
erstwhile Phony-X correspondent when wasn't a single
there was a phony-X, is catering to, in" and its
or creating ,a new craze: sea horse tams.,.jA
earrir . lie takes the dead fish, joot of 1
boils them to make their tails flex- That David le
able enough to curl, and then} gives language- al
thea a coat of paint. Their novelty, whose wifely dui
-IA L —
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th dan r a 1 i ah op ~
day th ct Sc r y f t f ~ gg o Co e th tamed de cr e e th tr te dis thanur n em I Russ ; angua 1 i m mu wh h
ey are net, makes chronicles, of N'anaque, N. Jer.,
gles (or is it ban- spent his two-week vacation in
eports that husband Efnithville Flats. N.Y....
udit ass ts, 7 Welgos starts his autumn
ve amd Chet lecture -Celle this year on September
a mining Psi "cook- 15—but; Ibid won't be his first
"can't miss". They stop, as before. He's reversing himmill which requires self -- and the last shall be first
' advantage in water- and the first shall be last, he
designed to conan- says... TRIpL of Orlando,
minerals. They are Fla., while on a ying trip to Kan. abandoned mine sas ity recently, visited Nary and
they can obtain the Nile AcE, who are startling the
erators" turned up local psychology factions by their
accomplishments in the may of raise
when asked how he's ing I.Q.'s cur group processingis
e "bad" (that's us) 7Le and llv s in Fhid on
i of Dawn" and stock way to i Y., where he'll
e " " (that's us spend the summer building a home on
Omit he's ing to a lot he has there. %hen it begins
n applicants soul— getting too cold for comfort, he'll
"soul=detector" test. return to Cave Creek, Ariz., to
ientology have been spend the winter months remodeling a
a long time, only second home out there. It's almost
of mentally X-raying as good a way to best your emiron(and not the one in oeh !!_c_ ur house trailer was before
your handkerchief, we anched it fairly permanently...
who calls him- A. ex-secretary of
of Screwballs", says theo H. a. S., nas transferred her
photographing souls nursing activities from San Diego to
et" -- so just as soon a hospital in Palm Springs, Calif.,
he formula, we am- and regrets that there's no Selene
in The A We tology or Judo activity there—just
of souls might be a heat and air conditioners ...
rom the usual run of Arent z.now of Denver, took son -
il.Air~ bosoms...'The art on a hunting trip into Western
C~ ~ Kansas to teach his fledgling how to
to sound like - shoot. Robert, using a410,, got a
if their little farm squirrel, while Tutor Papa didn't
lo., with its cow, even shoot a shot. As a Dianeticist,
chickens. Invited is Pahl m0.'' have an alie against
couldn't figure out "squirrels", real or ianMnary. .
the confines of the I Ruth Lang, who oferates the
ose watermelons were "Nor scof I3.fe %lesion at wanton.,
m like this is going WIs, reveals that she lemming to
year without a crate Oklahoma and merging forces with the
watermelon pickles City of Damn flan at lone Wolf. The
7It was a weird bit move is slated prior to the
i trying. opening
oD Says es he benefit of the utrmn term of school for the
daughter Nancy... We see
ath wish" (whatever where same great Bringer of
Insurance agents to Mankind is calling a California
in; a salesman for a organization, which is ing to do
ontacted him; and a that "which talks about wComrsnies called to give a Luckily the publication in
%hich shows that which this slander appears has on on death, like yul_ ted circulation, and since these
loped their affinity words of self-confessed wisdom are
point... protected by c~right, there is
ink words are fir- little danger that knowledge of this
act adherents of the group's misguided nefariousness will
chnique" in which a became very, widespread... 'Same of
phrase is sought to our readers may be familiar with a
stored-cup emotional certain so-called "religion" that
the body, might be puts the FYidhth Dynamic (God, or the
cover they d HHiaave to tor) on His back and leaves Him
2,500 1amiaAes if there to the mercies of more ortboderstand ali peoples organizations. We always have
alone. In fact, as contended that Men, being a pert of
ts out in his The the Infinite, must also accept his
in World Affairs", Creative responsibility, and it
n of a phrase or a seems, now, that we are not alone in
Nations meeting holding to this remise.
, ,U
lead to to war. And tebar issue of The
vor has done an ex- ard Joanna Walsh of the University
shaming up the many of Scientology start a series of arproblem—ard brings titles concerned with processing lIann
reader by inclwiing as a Totality, and not alone as
ian, EpaniM, something which can sit in a railto, and even Ehglish road or but depot and point out
ion. We suppose that things he could have or do without.
can't possibly list Also, as a bow to Allhallows Eve,
ges, let alone speak there'll be an article on Witchcraft
gehtly, but we felt by the Devil himself, with possibly
a bit of discrimina- a portrait of that irdivifixl a bit
ight correct should different than anything you've ever
teed edition. There seen before. All in all, we're quite
word about "Pig Let- excited about the next issue, and
ltitudinous ramifica- our penny-pinching Publisher even
ile we're on the sub- has agreed to let us go up four more
we might mention pages to transfer same of this ex, who seems to have a citment to our readers. We hate to
is own arad the RO;en be mercenary at a time like this,
ies he so care ly but is your subscription paid?