Volume 3, Issue 5, page 11

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"Your annual Christmas number has "Here are
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a cover of great taste... Marie
"We are sending you a new article "Theegro n
which is an excerpt from a forthcom- years old.
ing book, which will reveal all and on, took over
leave nothing undisclosed... original Diane
"We have been lecturing to Opti- dueled first
mist Clubs, Lions Clubs, and several Hap Hazard w
other service clubs. lubs. We recently ap- Snell took a
coed an f ls at the national Self Realization le Wl was di
convention o left t Wichita,
Fellowship, and as a result nsruyl new netics. I ott Scie le
conceeppt ofc ototality, which makes v~""The eff'
it possible to process the Eighth and invite
and all other dynamics successf5.ul,ly, and then to
is outlined in our caning article. used a few pr
It also makes it possible to commas- of value to 0t
kate with metaphysicians, occult- "Ray is a
ists, and other religionists, with- non-directive
out offending than. Thus, for the a ct no hew;
first time, we have real communica- tiin. Them i
tion" with Scientology to all lev- sense of tryels. -- Rardin and Joanna walsh, Los truth in a 1
Angeles, Calif. may comprehend
"Be. my letter in July-August Ab- mony. There
erree about Dr. Len Hamilton's HU clear label
Correspondence Course. persons or set has written the course is cons is
completely valid, that he has no di- bunc
rest evidence the powers in Wali g- "Each meet
tan or london have made the course about 30 aims
invalid, or will not make certifi- usually conduc
cates available to those who pass These are we]
the couurse. appreciated, t
'Also, have received the next "A s p i r t
lessen and are working co it." -- Rob- sportsmanship
ert C. Berg. Grand Rapids, Mich. zerson who w
"When I first read Phil Friedman, ~"• of meet
it sure was 'Naught' as it meant tim of a
'No-th to me. Now I recognize thetchair' 'aat
his wriUnp. not only as instructive essary, as whet
but constructive as well. For those is being forgol
who are truly seeking, failure to ing with chai
comprehend invokes Uo¢~ t
. We mist person is s
learn to do or awn ~2ninkirng and passes the can
also to reIn" er, we fail by not monitor may br
try" ad to know of the book Phil the topic sol or ma rceammads.".-Edith Spiller, LeRoy, ulateynewspoin
N. Y. "The meet
with needs of
"Perhaps you will recall that a all evenings o
year or so ago I wrote you that I now the time,
had discovered a method of generat- "it seems
inA what was eastly life force big secrets of
within my own body and transmitting sccess, neon
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ally turn out
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Ha ini in dh u The in mani a uen ac in a
r person through mw deavor, is the attendance of person
announcement was re- of resource, of altitude based a
h utter silence from understanding ard experience. Men
by many thoughtful hers have almost all actually under•
ny friends. However, gone therapy sessions, have an un•
several sensitives, I derstanding of the program, of theft
I could do it. own problems. and of the quality o:
eeks ago I took the their leadership. The admixture o:
tiation, intending to academic knowledge, and of mystic
that this process is philosophy as weIl as Dianetic aro
lag about not only to other non-academic schools, tends ti
we-joy-bliss back in- develop a considerable objectivity,
ss but also to help a constant correlating.
r. Alexander calls the "Sane of the members are young,
ity'. but each contributes as the moo(
s what? The method of strikes. No one talks to merely hen:
fe force which I had himself yak. The search for truth
my own is a part of internal and external, motivate:
ce t they don't trans- each person present. Remarks tend ti
boy else but use it be brief, somewhat to a point, m
m bodies. though the speaker values the wpm,
ors me. I wonder which tunity and deals with care for suret
ittle secret discover- values.
ave made will eventu- "These sessions seen to me admirto be yogic practice able examples of the conference
on years old, tracing method of topic development. Neary
old Yun Squat, who in all the factors mentioned above have
from Arjune, who got been proposed by experts on use o1
? the conference as an intellectual
moral here and I would instrument. Perhaps MAI is the setoo, except old Yum cret of this group's success." -- Lee
me for plagiarism." -- Lockhart, Albuquerque, N. kea.
enver, Colo.
"The ABFRHEE is the only periodia few thoughts about cAl in its field that I see now—11
group which Ray and keeps me well in touch with what it
are conducter. going on." -- Ruth McGehcm, Kassa:
is now over three City, Kos.
old Snell, now passed "Herewith another•voice added to
the remnants of the those desirous of some articles on
tic group here, con- Zeman techniques.
by a committee of whom ", perusal of 'Dianetics 1960'
as a leading light. started a chain reaction. I t into
course in the nonsense
spensing after Hubbard J •oup processing, which led aetwhich he called Dia- new people, which led to learnended one meeting and of new therappies, which led to
curiosity about Eeman. I read 'Self
drifted on, however, and aman', and am now Oliver
Twistis .

BSc orns to attend "Have been tryins to find out the
lake over. which maybe wherefore of the Rubbard-Hart, Ohergro Brien, Noyga et al schism, but not
convinced believer in being one of the inner circle, I an
therapy, and one would still in the dark. Recently I spoke
Ynandedtne to scmecne who had just nnbn ned
s ss in direc- from Scientology headquarters i in
s saintnt only fac in t ard Washington. I mentioned the Aberree,
g to ~th cem and you might have thought I'd reThahi ie no acri- leased some .S gas in the vicinity,
he exhibited so much t ard res a minim." of resort vulsion. Again I asked wkly the Huhn
if any school, but a bard-Hart bust-up. 'Don't you know?'
s of course when such he queried. 'Hart's a psychotic! Ard
tools are mentioned. how came? Atomic radiation! Anyone
a pretty high-toned exposed to atomic radiation becomes
ing usually Includes ~y"Now,cI1did not ]mow (a) whether
tas of group therapy, you are psychotic, (b) whether you
ted by Marie Scharpen. were exposed to atomic radiation,
1 handled, sincerely and (c) whether such radiation proend to lift tone. duces psychoses. I did not argue
t of conversational with him. But I will say this—after
sually prevails. Each you severed your connection with the
ants his say may have Scientol Journal, it lost its
s starts with selec- light and its life fr me. I did not
Lo- or moderator for renew my subscription. Very few can
He or she can take vitalize a publication as you did,
ny time it seems neen the adjournment time and do! I am tempted to paraphrase
n. The o meite the Lincoln - Grant whisky anecdote
rin a e grow so each and state that other editors should
as well as heard be exposed to your brand of atomic
ersational ball. The radiation psychosis!" -- Bet tr
ins the group back to Schwartz, New York, N. Y.
ted for that evening,
t questions that stint- "Burks I don't like; at least his
is of discussion. articles tickle me the wrong way. -I
g time has shifted get my hackles up over his constant
members to, in turn, reference to keeping the children
f the week. Tuesday is under control. A second item that
nd seems acceptable. bothered me was his comment on keepto me that one of the ing his own feelings fran showing.
this group and its "Sometime or other I will get or
sary to any such en- make the opportunity to work a bit