Dear Editor (continued)

the next guy, providing I'm in it. To me love-making and fighting are strictly participant-type sports. So I almost regret, but not quite, the recent hatchet-burying ceremonies. It was fun while it lasted.

"When you ran that Galaxy T-8 Patrol thing in your usual tongue-in-cheek style I took it for what it seems to be -- satire; but since seeing other publications playing it straight, you've got me worried. What goes? The article was so broadly farcial that I was sure at the time that it was entirely so intended, but now I'm wondering if it wasn't perhaps a fast triple-shuffle, with a grain of truth carefully buried in plain sight mixed in with a lot of slap-stick type chaff to cornfuse the issue. I'm beginning to believe that you really do have horns; no one but a fiend could do this to us!" -- Curtis Janke, Sheboygan, Wis.

"I enjoyed reading your paper very much, especially the information on Scientology's pace to maintain the high cost of living.

"I think their stepped-up program will "categorize" them backwards, as honestly they should return the $500 course fees that they claim are suspended in value unless rejuvenated by transfusions of $25 for pros. How can a system survive with feet of clay and a swimming pool?" -- Sam Solaryk, Fort Frances, Ontario.

"Why don't you get out of that barren and benighted bivouac called Oklahoma and move to Peoria? We're having lots of fun!

"George and Ann Seidler arrived in Peoria in October, and George got an HCA course going shortly thereafter -- meets in our house. Lil and I are both 'students', along with 2 fellows from Peoria, and a lady from Springfield. A couple from Ottawa may soon join the group. It really is wonderful to have the training which a good professional auditor can give, and George is good. Oh, we aren't walking through the walls yet -- at least, not the walls of our house. All of the students have walked through a good many of their own walls by now, however -- and life is much more fun, we are discovering, than it was previously.

"One thing I know -- when the techniques available in the HCA course are used with precision and understanding, they produce precisely the results with pre-clears that Ron says they will produce. And, for your information, 8-C O.P. is NOT hypnotic when done for hour after hour -- it is DeHypnotic.

"But, from watching our group attempts to use these techniques before George came to town, it seems very apparent to me that the necessity for training and supervision by a fully qualified auditor has been demonstrated rather completely. Perhaps, somewhere, there are a few amateurs who can use these techniques correctly -- I have not seen them in action! I considered myself a rather good amateur auditor -- and so did quite a few pre-clears -- but I was certainly missing a thorough understanding of the usage of Scientology!

"Sort of seems to me that if various 'fighters' who tilt at windmills and CECS Machines would spend as much time, energy, and attention on becoming good auditors, our game of creating a new earth would progress more rapidly. Of course, as far as you are concerned, I realize this increases your circulation, so Have Fun! But we'd still like to have you both here with us playing a game that in my opinion is much more fun!

"Carl Warner, HDA, and wife Beverly returned from the Phoenix Congress to Chicago and then came down to give our group a week-end intensive -- this practically turned into a riot of enthusiasm.

"Has anybody asked Welgos to 'prove' he is a qualified teacher by 'controlling weather, walking thru fire, instant healing, etc.', as he says his students must be able to do (SIX years from now -- a good safe length of time) before becoming degreed Nexologists? Not that I'm at all opposed to Jim -- but it would be amusing to ask the teacher's qualifications! Guess I get a bit of Hart in me occasionally when I see somebody's neck stuck way out -- as Welgos's certainly is after that Newsletter. Oh, well, I suppose he'll get some of the Mystery customers with it -- and probably help them." -- R. John Bloomquist, B.A., B.D., Peoria. I11.

(From a letter to B.D.R.)

"Yesterday I received the Aberree (V. 1, No. 8). I found it instructive and just enough mustard with the humour to make me look forward with pleasant anticipation to 'To be continued in our next'. You and the Aberree between you will, I hope, be able to rescue Scientology from the would-be be wreckers (i.e. CECS Phoenix).

"I venture to suggest that BDR join with the Aberree in the policy of killing with kindness and humour the managerial set-up called CECS Phoenix. I have seriously considered writing CECS that the figures they mention in dollars should expressed in LLLs so far as Great Britain is concerned in order the better to kill scientology and dianetics in Gt. Britain. I am sending a carbon of this letter to the Aberree so that the editor may understand that he has support in this country for what the Aberree publishes.

"The CECS appears to be a set-up designed to commercialize dianetics and scientology almost as if they feared the death of L.R.H. should come about before each had made a fortune out of it..." -- C. M. Philipps -- Blackpool (Eng.) Dianetic Society.

"You will be interested in a project I have cut out for myself. You will remember I told you Wisconsin had a provision in their medical practice law that nothing in it should be construed to interfere with the practice of Christian Science 'or with healing by spiritual or mental means'. The 1953 Legislature, at the request of the American Medical Association, cut out the exception granted to 'spiritual or mental healing' other than by Christian Science methods. I am having an amendment offered to the Statutes offered at this Legislature meeting this week to restore that provision to the Statutes. I expect I shall have the entire medical fraternity on my neck for this one." -- Judge Irving B. Smith, Niagara, Wis.

"Congratulations on the stimulating newsletter! ... I want to read much, MUCH more of your ARC-building material.

"If it won't foul up your records, begin my subscription with the December issue. The write-up in the CADA Bulletin about V. Mathison's article intrigues me very much.

"Keep the act moving! Too many of us take the whole process of integration much too seriously." -- Elaine Scott Borreson, Minneapolis, Minn.

"Your last issue was very greatly enjoyed in this corner of the 'blessed isle' and to think I always thought Hubbard's followers a solemn lot!

"The approach adopted is obviously the most likely to meet with success to correct the many objectionable features that have so swiftly almost swallowed scientology, the science that was to set the world free and herald a new age. Alas for our hopes. The violent exaggerations and the narrow fanatically sectional outlook of Scien-


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