Consonants Are Soul Mates, and Vowels the Soul

Consonants Are Soul Mates, and Vowels the Soul

Everything That Exists Has a Point to It, A Zeroing, a Now -- Which Is Our Destiny

By Philip Friedman

EVERYTHING that exists has a point to it. That point is its mean. A meaning is an averaging -- is a middling -- is a centering -- is a polarizing -- is a focalizing -- is a zeroing -- from whence all emerges and to which all returns. There is a destination that shapes our ends. Zero is our destiny.

Everything has an intent, a purpose, an aim, an objective -- and that is to resolve to zero. The act of meaning may be objective or subjective. The point of meaning is always zero. It is the medium in which life begins and ends.

Zero is the go-between, the intercessor, the mediator, the midwife, the catalyst, the nothing and the all, the Christ and the Godhead, the Alpha and the Omega, the infinite and the absolute.

This, in plain words, is the plain meaning of everything. Opposites have their meaning point in the attraction of the nuptial embrace and their neutralization into a zero. Likes, repelling each other, have their meaning point in the void formed between them. The contents of the smallest atom, as well as that of the entire atmosphere, are loomed from zeros within zeros, in whole and in part.

So, also, languages are loomed alike. The vowels in the words are their meaning points. The ancient Chaldean language, in which the Old Testament was written, consisted of consonants only -- no vowels, no words, no sentences. The vowels, the mother letters, that gave birth to the consonants, were, for some reason, hidden.

The School of Scholars, who translated the original Chaldean text, supplied various points and markings to the consonants, in order to indicate the missing vowels, which, in their opinion, would give the correct meaning to the unpointed letters. From this was finally produced the King James version of the Bible -- with accent on the version.

Now comes Charles Lathrop Warn, D.Lit., from California, who brings us a new translation and a new meaning to the Bible, by supplying a different set of points -- another set of vowels -- to the original Chaldean. Our present translation, he says, is the ninth in so many different cycles in the rise and fall of civilization. The Ninth is drawing to a close; a tenth might usher in another Period of Renaissance.

The Chaldean written letters G D S N W H R, continues Dr. Warn, may, by using the same vowels but spacing differently, be translated into two contradictory statements, i.e.: "GoD iS No WHeRe" and "GoD iS NoW HeRe".

That these two statements are both true, and are NOT contra-indicating, is the hidden truth in language. "No where" and "Now here" have the same intrinsic meaning when the Law, the Zero, is grasped. Now, the present, is the zero point in time. Now is never here and always here. God, the nothing-all, is really both "No where" and "Now here".

Upon a little personal investigation, the fact dawns that a change of vowels only modifies but does not change the fundamental function of the consonants. Furthermore, the addition of more vowels to a word, or a change in the position of the letters, likewise does not change the basic conception of the words. The vowels only point the words to their specialized meaning. English is apparently no exception to show the biological evolution of words.

Let us start with a simple example, taking the consonants S N to which we are to add any of the