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20 from Three States Attend Conference; Weather Is Perfect.

Blustery winter, hitting the midwest with Arctic fury, processed itself into a calm, nippy Spring for the opening of the Second Midwestern Dianetic and Scientology Conference, held in Enid Friday and Saturday, February 12 and 13.

Twenty persons, representing Kansas, Texas, and Oklahoma, attended. A dozen others who had signified an intention of coming, either altered their plans, were frightened by the possibility of storms, or attended theta-wise, thus avoiding the eagle eyes of the secretary, ready with labels, buttons, and data blanks to decimate their havingness (if $12.50 was their fiscal state).

No census was taken of the delegates to discover how many were more of an operating thetan or "clear" on their way home than on the trip to Enid, but every effort was made to give a maximum of processing, both individual and group, during the two days. Lecturing, or the dissemination of "what one thinks someone else meant", was limited to the auditor's explanations of why a technique is run, and how it could be used in future sessions after the

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As for Us, We Know Only What Volney Tells You

Readers of the "Galaxy T-8 Patrol" story in the December ABERREE apparently were much upset, and have been plaguing us with the question: "How much of that is true?" (As if we'd print anything in The ABERREE not true!) and "What's it all about?"

Feeling that the magazine's reputation for veracity satisfactorily answers the first half of the question, we turned to Volney Mathison for an answer to the second half, and received the following reply:

"This much and no more can be disclosed:

"The 'flying saucer' is NOT a saucer, it is a huge RING. The force field operating within the ring causes varying types of luminescence of dust particles, moisture, etc., in the air, with the consequent appearance of a 'saucer'.

"The ring has a potential weight of millions of tons, positive or negative, or zero. No jet or hydrocarbon fuel of any kind. Entirely 'electrical'.

"Running time from the celestial body from which

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