Volume 9, Issue 7, page 11


I HE CHURCH claims the Bible consists of an
infallible revelation of an omniscient Being, a triune God, Father-Son-Spirit. The
claim is false. As an objectivity, there
is no such divinity. He is the subjectivity
existing in the imagination of mind-conditioned Christians.

None of the gods of the supernaturalistic
interpretations of religion is objective. The
lesser ones are usually the ghosts of dead men,
and the greater are versions of the astrological Sun myth.

The one god of the Jews and the triune god
of Christianity, if taken seriously, are superstitions; and the biblical revelations of their
willings and workings, if taken literally, are

The Old and New Testaments are false as history. Jacob and the 12 Tribes of Israel are not
historical personages, but astrological myths.
This is also true of the 12 apostles of Jesus.

The Old Testament is the Jewish version of
the universal Sun myth, revised often to hide
the facts of astrology, and to impose the fable
that Jehovah and his "chosen people" form the
greatest procession that ever came down the
pike of supernaturalism.

The New Testament is the Christian version
of the same astrological myth, except with the
intention of showing that Jehovah and the Jews
are not, but Jesus and the Christians are,
this procession.

The Sun myth, as astrology, is attractive
and true; but as factuality, it is in the case
of the ignorant, superstition, and in the case
of the educated, self-deception or hypocrisy.

The Sun is actually and literally the creator-god in which the world and everything in
it live, move, and have their being. And he is
the savior-god born of a virgin nebula, and
each winter descends into "hell" and rises
from the "dead" (southern solstice) by a new
birth, and ascends into "heaven " to be seated
at the right hand of the Father, the sky, at the
northern solstice. Finally he is the illuminator-god who lighteth everyman that cometh into
the world (Jn. 1:9),
The apostles who preached the gospel of the
redemption of the world are the 12 signs of
the zodiac thru which the Sun apparently passes
in its annual ascension in the summer solstice
and descension in the winter solstice.

The Lamb of God which taketh away the sin
of the world (Jn.1:291 is the head-sign of the
zodiac, Aries (ram, Iamb), thru which the Sun
passes toward the end of March, when all savior-gods annually died and rose again.

The rising signifies the return of the Sun
toward the northern solstice from the southern
one, upon which return are dependent seed-time
and harvest, without which the world would
perish, not by sin but by starvation.

Israel replaced the celestial zodiac with a
terrestrial zodiac of 12 tribes, and ChristianMARIJANE NUTTALL (CONTINUED
She wrote for sheer honesty's sake, and for

A dramatic and lasting (nine years) change
was effected in her. This change had its crisis
in a dream. In it, she finally released to
conscious awareness such a blast of hostility,
of sheer hatred, for her husband that she could
not believe at first that she had contained it
(having been so submissive). But she knew she
did! Once she had faced this, and begun realizing that she had almost totally identified
him with a detested stepfather, she had to sort
out differences and begin to see her husband as
an "individual ". The major change was her husband, who had been an alcoholic. He stopped
drinking, got a job (she had supported him
several years), and is now a solid citizen and
a tolerant father.

This pre-clear did the work. She wanted a
more satisfactory life. She would have gotten
the blast from her own efforts, because she
wanted it so desperately. I only assisted in
bringing it about a little sooner and a little
easier -- but it wasn't easy for her, believe
me! She had to open that floodgate and got ill
before she did.

In contrast, I had a number of pre-clears
who thought I was going to do it all. They got
just what they wanted out of me: a scapegoat,
someone to point to and to say "she's a flop".
O.K., I got demolished somewhat, until I caught
on to motivation. (Average about 80 to 1, but
each ONE is worth it.)
As for writers, I would evaluate that writing is therapeutic only to the extent of the
"aim" at self-searching.

I have developed an unusual way of reading.
When I read, I read for BAM (beliefs, attitudes, and motivation) in every article, story,
or book. The slanting is fantastic! This cultivates insight into basic human behavior.

And it is my firm belief that it is only
when a writer succeeds in doing this with his
own material can he move from compulsive writing into therapeutically beneficial ranges of
self-awareness which create change.
SQUIRREL -- One who has the God-given ability
to know a nut when he sees one.

SOLUTION FDR DIVORCE -- Those whom God hath
NOT put together, let no man join.

The moth that spurns the candle flame, dies
in the lonely dark.

GOD -- Rebel without a cause.

When the light of cognition appears in the
eyes of the student, the life of the teacher
is indeed enriched.

To eyes long used to the dark, too much
light is blinding. Bring in one small lighted
candle at a time.

How do you assure the burned child that the
Fire of Truth is not to be dreaded?
Let us follow the bonfire path to the everlasting primrose.
ity replaced this with a celestial zodiac of
Father, Son, and Spirit.
(Continued in the next issue)
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