Volume 9, Issue 7, page 7

Man's Four Dimensional World
Seeker Says We Should Face Each New Experience
With Eagerness, Ready fora Complete Orientation
HAVE READ and studied many teachings.
jIn most I find some consolation but
in no ONE teaching do I find all that
I am seeking. I believe that truth is
more than a theory -- it is a reality.
I suppose there are many approaches
to the principle, but my own inimitable way is best for me and it's just
possible that someone else might find
it interesting, too -- or at least controversial. Anyway., since the Editor says
he has no objections to personal opinions,
here is mine, for what it's worth.

I believe that the properties of matter are
FOUR dimensional; the stratosphere, so to
speak, is four-dimensional, a living field of
energy, and that all the lower orders of relativity are contained, or derivatives of the
fourth or within the fourth. That the elements
conform to the periodic time table. The elements become the communicative system according to the different time zones, each time
zone having its own order of relativity. Incidentally, the only way of determining my own
place is by comparison -- either a lesser or a
greater degree of relativity.

Most of us homo sapiens are so mentally focused in objective identity that we have very
little sense of relativity, except that it
corresponds to our own little private worlds.
Our thinking has become so dogmatized that all
coalition takes on the nature of our own structuraI differential. Our initiative does not
expand beyond our own particular time zone; to
some this statement might sound infantile, to
others it might seem abstract. That's what I
mean by comparison.

In my opinion, each homo sapiens has an individual field, an orbit, so to speak. The
properties within this field are four - dimensional. I do not say that the average individual's perspective is fourth-dimensional, but I
do say that their field properties are; whether we are aware of it or not is beside the
point -- that is the way it is.

Man is the microcosm within the macrocosm.
He is a tiny universe within himself. Our objective world is our sense of materiality, or
substance, because our objective world is a
representation of the time zone that we are
functioning in individually. Our faculties of
perception correspond to our sense of relativity. Over eons of time (and I use the word time
only as a means of measurement), we have become integrated more and more into materiality; our concept of substance is relative to
our state of consciousness.

The self is aware of self in the exact context of values that we derive from the measurement of forces, the formative dimensions of
our own private worlds. At no time is the sel f
aware of self except in relationship to someone else. We measure by comparison.

It is only by the registration of energy
EDITOR'S NOTE -- Many of us spend our lives In
search, and wind up slaves of some other seekers'
conclusions. However, the majority of us come up
with a composite so hybrid that original ownership can be traced only with difficulty; certainly the "little bastard" can't point his finger at
any single 1SIBDTA (I Stole It But Don't Tell Anybody), and say: "That's Papa".

In the accompanying article, Dorothy Kolbrek
has attempted what few "seekers" can or will do --
outline her own conclusions. Probably Dorothy herself cannot identify the source, or sources, of
her "belief ", but by recording her summation, she
has branded it hers. Parts of it may fit other
Ideologies, but undoubtedly, each reader will see
In It something he cannot accept. Which is as It
should be. Try summarizing your own Ideas, file
it away, and see what you think of It tomorrow,
or next year. It might open your eyes to what can
be done by honest "seeking".
waves and frequencies via the sensory system
that I know that I AM. The self is always the
center of gravity, even as the sun is the center of the solar system and all the planets
revolve around it.

You perhaps are saying, "What's all this
got to do with the price of apples?" Ha! This
is the key to the whole thing -- it is the principle of human dynamics. In a sense, I am nothing, and in another sense, I am everything, in
one and the same time. Did you ever hear of a
proton, an electron, and a neutron? It's the
proton that determines the charge.

Our senses -- yours and mine -- become charged
with the vibrations emanating from other fields,
auras, orbits, or what-have-you. These vibrations eventuate as materiality, depending to a
large degree on our own state of consciousness,
or plane of relativity. In this instance, I am
using the word materiality in terms of effect,
altho in reality vibrations are both cause and
effect. But if one is functioning in a specific
time zone, certain vibrations will not materialize or have materiality in our consciousness; therefore they have little or no effect.
This does not mean they are not recognizable
for what they are, but they no longer have any
impact; they no longer represent any blockage,
mentally, morally, or spiritually. In a sense,
we are no longer reproducing them in likeness
and kind. The image they represent is no longer
of any consequence, therefore cannot be derogatory in nature. There is no profit in not registering an
energy wave or frequency, for this amounts to
a blackout. The profit is in being able to
register it and having a neutralizer that will
render it null and void, reduces its power,
and even in some cases can regenerate the
forces so that the units are positive and constructive. In having some power of selectivity ,
I do have some power over the energy that my
own life forces are generating, for my own
life forces must reproduce, both in likeness
and kind, the nature of the elements involved.
How else would I have knowledge of what was
transpiring? Whatever is happening is not hapNOVEMBER, 1962. The A B E R R E E 7