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U WELL might ask, "In what way can I get help from Zora? What
kind of help can Zora give me? "
The answer is simple, and has been known to mankind for
generations . "Ask and it shall be
given." And so it is. Ask for help. Desire help. Expect help. And
you will receive help.

For example. I shall tell of -an experience in asking and
receiving help which was shared
among our group.

Several years ago. I received a phone call saying my daughter
Nancy had fallen and broken
her arm at school. As I was at work at the time, I had to get the
day off. I rushed to the
clinic where she had been taken

The break was a very bad on;. Both bones, just above the wrist
joint, were broken. One
bone had snapped off cleanly and was resting on the wrist joint,
giving the arm a deformed
and ugly appearance. The other bone had compounded and slivers of
bone were in the flesh.

They decided to take Nancy to the hospital. I was with her. We
were left alone in a room
which had a picture of a human skeleton hanging on the wall. It
was a good picture, about
three feet high, proportionate in width, and very clearly
delineated. I drew Nancy's
attention to the picture. Then, while I traced the pictured bones
with my finger, we talked
about how the bones would have to be if they were to be right.

Eventually, a doctor came to help her, and she was taken into
another room, away from me

About,this time, my mother arrived. I told he; all that I knew,
including describing the
picture to her and the proper location of the bones.

We then sat in complete silence, each giving all her thoughts to
the helping of Nancy.
Soon the doctor and nurse took Nancy to the x-ray room. The arm
had been set and put in a
cast. The x-ray showed the bones were not right. The doctor again
took her into the operating
room. Mother and I could hear the buzz of the saw with which they
cut off the newlymade cast.
Sometime later a nurse moved in a portable x,ray machine. Then
came the sound of the saw
again as the second cast was cut off. They put four casts on her
before the doctor was

We thanked the doctor when he finally Anished. Mom and I knew
Nancy's arm would be O.K.

In a week's time she was able to sew, and embroidered a dress for
herself, using that
broken arm. In slightly less than three weeks, I took her to the
clinic to have the cast
removed. The doctor was reluctant to do so. At I ast, however, he
agreed that the arm was wel
I .

When the cast was removed, the arm showed it was perfectly
healed. There were no lumps or
bumps. It would be impossible to tell from a casual inspection
which arm had been broken.
There was no showing at all except for the scars where the doctor
had removed the bone
slivers. She never has had any trouble with this arm since.

Mom and I were in agreement that Nancy must


WAS AN auditor. And use of the past tense

is directly intentional. How manyacquaint

ances of yours fall into the same category?

This can apply to either ex-Dianetic audi

tor or ex-Scientology auditor, but in eith

er case, it is the case of an individual who is no longer engaged
professionally in
Dianetics/Scientology. For myself. I still audit from the aspect
of interest in the~ use and
progress of Scientology, but not for a fee, and not

Why are there so many ex-auditors? Why have individuals who were
trained, and experienced
in practice, dropped out of a field so full of potential and
promise? Was it because of lack
of results?

Most well-trained and experienced auditors got results--good
results. At first Dianetics,
and later Scientology, opened the doors of a field of seemingly
limitless proportions, which
could, given the proper impetus, and the right (PLEASE TURN TO
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be helped. Children are naturally in agreement that their parents
can help them. We asked the
doctor for help, and he agreed to help us. All of us made this
agreement on the Two, or
bodily. level. I touched the doctor on the arm and said, "I 'm
praying for us ". He said,,
"Do . We'll need it". thus accepting help on another level, the
Zora level. You see that we
were in agreement on all levels of beingness.

When Nancy and I discussed the correct appearance, of the bones,
we made a mental picture
of what was needed. This is very important, as communication with
Zora is mostly by pictures.
The words were important because communication with the Original
Mind is mainly by words.
When the doctor said he would help her, be became part of our
group for that particular job.
Mom and I, being her grandmother and mother. are naturally her
helpers and guardians, and so
were able to give of Zora. strength and the Two know-how. She was
agreeable, even anxious, to
be helped. All these points are important. The one to be helped
must want to be helped. Those
who help must desire to help that person in the best way for the
person's wellbeing. All must
feel they can and will help, that their help is certain. The
doctor was unaware of our
thoughts, but he was a fine physician and truly believed in his
own ability to help. He,
also, was approachable by Zora and was a man who desired to do

We always have felt that Nancy's rapid and complete recovery was
due to this mutual
agreement among all the parties concerned.

Agreements of this nature and strength are not made every day
only because our desire is
not strong enough. We must wish. a thing with great intensity to
achieve an agreement of such
strength. That is one reason why people rise to great heights
during emotional stress. The
desire is so strong that the censoring of the analyzer is
bypassed for the time.

Desire to achieve is the prime-mover. Desire is the seed of cause.

(Continued in the next issuel