Volume 8, Issue 3, page 18

truth. I think both Morris Katzen and Wayne Trubshaw will agree
to that. Much of it is very cleverly written in
symbols, allegory, and parables, and many of these are so
presented that they have anywhere from one to four

Katzen finds that the Chris~ is a 'personification of the sexual
fluid'. This may or may not be true. Granting that it
is true, it does not necessarily follow that there never was a
Jesus Christ.

"The life of Jesus was symbolical and allegorical from beginning
to end. The Threc Wise Men represent t he three
planes of consciousness-physical, mental, and spiritual . The
Star in the East represents the rising of the spiritual
consciousness. The 12 Disciples represent the 12 spiritual
centers in the head and Jesus himself was the pineal ' the
seat of the soul, the head of the house. Judas Iscariot ' the
betrayer, like Cain and like Lucifer, represents the world
matter that gives up its spiritual heritage for a bag of money or
a mess of pottage. He was crucified on Golgotha '
the bill of the skull ' the head, where the material is always
beclouding the spiritual insight. The temple was rent in
twain and the Holy of Holies was exposed, showing that man does
not need a mqdiator 'but can go directl$ to God
himself. This goes on and on. My interpretations may not be very
well presented but I hope I have made my point.

"There was a council of Nicea, and Emperor Constantine was the
instigator of it, but his purpose, aside from
creating one church, was to becloud the truths that Jesus taught.
Every reference to reincarnation that they could find
was eliminated, but they missed a few. They placed a priest
between man and God

but not knowing the meaning oi the story of the temple being rent
in twain, they neglected to omit that story. Their
carnal natures precluded their understanding of spiritual matters.

.'Those who hold tothe story that Jesus was a myth say that there
are no historical records of his life. They
should read the records of the Jews. for one instance. Aside from
that, there are others to whom I give more credence
who say that Jesus I ived and lives . Paramhansa Yogananda is one
of them. In his autobiography, he relates that
Jesus appeared to him and talked to him. George King is another.
He wrote a

181 -

book, 'The Twelve Blessings', which he claims is Jesus' message
to the world of the 20th Century. Jesus' present
home is on the planet Venus."--Russell F. Jones, Ramona, Calif.


"The 864-page book, 'Popul ar Delusions andthe Madnesses of
Crowds', by Charles Mackay deals at great length
with the Rosicrucians and their origin, which was in 1614, or

"Some of your readers do not seem to be aware that there are not
one but THREE Rosicrucian concerns. The one
that is most read and noticed is AMORC, San Jose, Calif ., with
their high-pressure selling system which peddles
Egyptology. An earlier, older organization is the Rosicrucian
Fraternity, Quakertown, Penn., and one of their many
books, the 1564-page 'The RosiCrucian Fraternity in America',
explicitly states that the organization began in 1614
and that all claims and pretences of earlier organizations are
fictitious. Also, one of your writers refers to 'The White
Brotherhood' as being, some sort of Rosicrucian organization,
which it isn't; it is not related in any way to

"As to various other critical references to me in letters from
your correspondents: We no longer solicit or
advertise our methodology as it has passed the 'critical minimum
of response', and our major problem now is how
to take care of the flood of examinees we receive from direct
referrals from present tape users.00 -;VolneY G.
Mathison, Los Ang les, Calif., ) 0

"The ABERREE is taking hold only because people have found out
about it. For the two years that I have been
here in Vancouver, I have asked many Scientologists about it, and
to a man, they have never heard of it. So goes the
conspiracy of .silence. Even in Seattle center they deny
knowledge of you."-Norm,an R. Taylor, Vancouver, B. C.

(ED. NOTE - Scientology Is the science of knowing how to NOT KNOW
as well asknowing h9w to know, you-
see. If one is trained to focus his eyes on one point (master)
long ~nough, myopic caducity, which is only one step
away from superannuated ostrichism, develops.)


"I was reading in the March issue of SEARCH Ray Palmer*s
editorial, and got to wondering about this
subliminal advertising ... Some t ime ago. I

asked my I Source of Information' about this, and he said that it
was, being used. He said, 'it is not what the people
want, but what they"ll get. Wait until next election.'

"Was wondering if there was any definite proof of this being
used. Have... you read the Washington POST, Oct.
1960 , 16-22, T-V section, that RAP mentions? or should we just
wait and see what happens? For instance, if a
person were to arise some fine morning with that (as the man on
the radio says) 'embarrassing urgency', we could
suspicion that the sponsors had gone from the ridiculous to the
subliminal in the advertisingof Exlax. Maybe
someone should warn Mr. Katzen."--Stanley Clason, Basin, Mont.

E) 0 0

"Thought you might like this bit of philosophy which has occurred
to me thru 10 yearsof observation in
Dianetics and Scientology: If Scientology makes the Abel more
Abel, it can alsomake the Cain more Cain.

"Now, if someone would just invent a machine for us so we could
differentiate."-- Lorraine BF. Barr, Portland,


"I hear J. F. K. is about to spring a new income tax form on us
for this year which contains just four lines!

(1) What w a s your income last year?

(2) What were yourexpenses?

(31 How much have you left?

(4) Send it in!" - Wing Anderson, Mont-rose, Colo.

(ED. NOTE-Except for the simplicity of the form, what's new about


"In the stillness of the night, one can hear the music of the
spheres. What is the mystic core that is activating
these tremendous energies?

"That eternal question mark , that mind potential, that absolute
zero which can never be reached.

#6Mind cell life is like escaping steam; there is that little
invisible space between the vapor cells and their
potential; it can never be crossed.

"Thus we dangle, grasping at religious concepts and theories."
-.A.B.Pierson, Selma, Calif. G 0 0

" 'Brother, have you been saved"' asks the Christian.

cd a Brother, have you been initiated')' asks the occultist.
'Broiher. have you been audit-cleared?' inquires the

"Off the same cloth. '~-Marie Narloue,.Three Rivers, Mich.