Volume 5, Issue 6, page 9

Edgar Cayce's "Heiress" Comes Up with Some Strange and Conflicting
Data When She Lies Down and Begins Talking in Her Sleep
IS ONE should start a few arguments.

I recently came into possession of
considerable "Zoe Nickerson" material. Zoe, some of you may know, is
the natural heiress of the late Edgar
Cayce, "The Man Who Slept for a Living."
She "reads" the physical bodies of patients medically, and prescribes—always
under medical supervision.

I came into possession of the material
this way. I was asked to conduct for Mrs.
Nickerson in Arizona. It appeared that I
could " be heard in the silence". I realized, long before we got thru some 40
life readings, physical readings, and
personal problem readings, that I was the
one person who had heard them all. Mrs.
Nickerson, in deep sleep—self-hypnosis
or samadhi -- remembers, when she wakens,
nothing she said while asleep. For me it
was a grave responsibility -- for some weird
things came out. For example, one "patient" departed from the normal when it
was discovered that he, too, could be
"heard in the silence", and asked some
odd questions.
believe she never made mistakes. When she
mentioned such distances, was she taking
into account, in some subtle fashion, the
"finer bodies" of sun, moon, and earth,
as some systems of philosophy do? No use
asking her when she was awake, for awake
she knew that the sun was 93,000.000 miles
away, the moon 230 -some thousand (go
ahead, look 'ern up yourself!).

Maybe a bit of the modus operandi
would help. When Mrs. Nickerson prepares
to read, she lies down, preferably on the
hard floor, without a pillow, places her
cupped hands, palms down, alongside her
hips, and shuts her eyes. She simply goes
to sleep, deep sleep. The conductor can
tell by her eyelashes when she is "out",
or " in", samadhi. He then says, ina physical reading (which she does the most of):
"We have here present the body of the
entity known in this incarnation as LMN.
Please study this body for imbalances.
reporting on them fully, telling us what
to doto correct them. Please begin speaking when you are ready."
She frowns and takes some time, maybe
a minute or two. Then she begins speaking. She diagnoses, prescribes - - within
legal limits, which means medically supervised—and in my experience, she is
always right. She helps with personal
problems in the same way. She reads for
past lives, the only reading which can't,
as yet, be checked for accuracy. She
reads the body whether it's present or
thousands of miles distant. Sometimes she
finds the distant body more quickly than
the one nearby. She doesn't prophesy since
the "sleeping woman" knows that a single
person in the pattern for the future can,
by changing his mind, throw out the
prophecy. If this were not so we'd be
robots, without free will.

Zoe reads the human body, on the average, in about an hour. Sometimes she
stays under to read two persons in succession. She makes no charge for readings,
but donations help to keep IS going. IS
is a magazine which competes with The ABERREE. (ED. NOTE—The ABERREE is, too,
but it competes with NO magazine. It just
is, even if it isn't named IS. That is
clear, is it not?) George Nickerson, husband of Zoe, edits IS.

No, I can't get readings for you wholesale. But I'll surely help sick persons
to have 'em.

What startled me when Mrs. Nickerson
gave such strange distances to t*e moon
''Is Koresch correct in his theory that
the earth is like an egg and the sun is
the yolk inside it?"
To my amazement Mrs. Nickerson began
explaining an illustration in the Koresch
book which I was positive she had not
seen. I had studied it, and found it tough
going, and I was sure I was almost as
smart as Mrs. Nickerson -- except when she
was asleep. She described the complicated
illustration at which the "patient " was

She refuted the Koresch idea.

She found Copernicus in error and that
it was the error he recanted, not for religious reasons.

Next question: "How far is the sun
from the earth?"
Answer: "Five thousand miles!"
The "patient" looked astonished, as
well he might. "You mean 5,000 miles?" he
"Yes, but from midsection to midsection, earth and sun are 200,000.000 miles
Needless to say. the "patient" and I
exchanged glances, but my reason was far
from the same as his.
"O.K.," he said then. "How far apart
are morin and earth?"
"Thirty-five thousand to 37,000 miles."
Now, just what did the" sleeping woman"
mean? I had conducted almost two score
readings by this time, and had begun to