Volume 5, Issue 6, page 6

Africa. There shall be sudden and unexpected upheavals and dissensions. especially along the Moroccan and Algerian
frontier. and the Spanish town of Melilla.

Earthquake tremors are not unlikely in
this region. Increased tension and violence, strikes, commercial dislocation,
insurrection, fires, explosions. and sabotage will occur in Tunisia and Libya.

MAN A crisis and unexpected changes
in government circles will overshadow anything of similar nature in previous months. This is directly attributable to sickness and physical distress
of many in high government circles.

The accident rate will increase considerably due to mechanical defects and
explosions. Only better mechanical maintenance will cure this evil.

The stock exchange will take a turn
for the better, as will the entertainment
field and general sports. New records
will be made in sports.

JAPN( The liberal democrats seek to
place Japan in a position where
its 90 million population can live and
prosper. The party therefore thinks that
co-operation with the free world. in which
the USA plays the leading role, should be
the keynote of Japanese foreign policy.

The socialists focus their policy on
their party's aim to make Japan into a
socialist state and place the nation on
the side of USSR and China. On the social
and political scene, the dispute over the
government-sponsored teachers' efficiency
rating system will spread thruout the
country. In principal, the system is desirable. for it aims to find out the efficiency of individual teachers. Education depends greatly on the character and
ability of the teachers, the government
holds, and will therefore not give up despite the teachers' union's opposition to
this law.

In regards to economic problems, commercial and industrial circles will keep
close watch on U.S. business trends. A
plan to raise a loan from the World Bank
will be realized, helping to partly alleviate the present depression.

Many new industries which depend to a
large degree on foreign technique a n d
science. such as synthetic fibre and
petrochemical industries, will be thriving. The brewery and refreshment beverage
industries also will thrive.

Friendlier relations between Japan and
Paraguay is evidenced by a growing of emigration to South America.

The spread of an infectious disease --
"no-en" (a form of brain disease) -- in and
around Japan is seen as fairly serious.

INDIA Good crops and agriculture are
to be expected, and a general uplift of the everyday man. Business will
flourish because of trade expansion at
home and abroad. This does not mean an
easy time for the government. which is
beset by continued internal problems. despite the fact she is a good arbiter in
international affairs. The government is
in hot water over prospective unpopular
legislation. The populace is condemning
the autocratic exercise of power by ordinance. The government will have to take a
firm stand against strikes in some essential services. Party differences w i l l
widen; however, the public services stand
to benefit thru new regulation on the
anvil for some time.

In the railways, some new innovations
are likely to be introduced and improved
amenities for workers as well as the public. Education, literature, and the sciences will develop. New original trends
in music and arts will take shape, inaugurating far-reaching changes.

An epidemic will sweep the land with a
rather devastating mortality rate.

IS AE( There is a foreshadowing of unfavorable affairs for the government; the people will suffer greatly.
Parliamentary affairs will not ron smoothly, councils and municipal bodies will
feel the effects as will all in positions
of authority.

Secret and mysterious crimes will take
place and family troubles and scandals
will make headlines.

Help in foreign and friendly affairs
with other nations will be expanded. An
air force will take place from Dan to
Eliat, with good success. Important treaties shall be made.

A vicious smuggling ring shall be broken up. The nation will prosper, health
of the people shall be good, and much
merry-making is seen.

NEST INDIES The West Indies, their 13
islands including other small
ones. have been going into the red as an
investment. A trend has started in favor
of their becoming federated. Definite and
progressive adjustments will be in the
making for their gaining full stature
with all its people welded together as a

British Honduras and British Guiana
will study and seek to learn from this
experiment in forming a new nation, since
they, too, are working t o w a r d a new
status with the commonwealth.

A R G E N T I N A a n d B R A Z I L These t w o nations will be cementing a greater friendship, which will
be reflected in their trade relations.

A U.S. firm will benefit by seeking to
manufacture cars in these countries. The
new industrial developments in Argentina
will not encourage Russian investment, as
many persons think.

CHILI This nation continues under
tension in its relations with other nations, stemming from its financial
problems. Chili should learn other interests and not depend on copper so much for
its income on the world markets.