Volume 3, Issue 7, page 13

sing produces dysergy. Some people community, you
may also regard it as cruel. It may having to be very well be, but that is outside the Art Coulter pul
ore of Synergetics. you will have
The reason why synergy moldy- it promote syne
sera are so in)ortant is this: Any gy? as a guide.
system which fiss high synergy is generates se
highly effective. on Z other hard, Temporarily, p
a system with a lot of dysergy can those nails.—
get bogged down in a hurry. And no where it itches
boa w hard you try to get it "In the thi
running smoothly, if you don't get idea is loaded.
rid of that dysergy, it will soon for endlessly
bog ru down. and tools. Yo
"peas people are that way. They Art Coulter. Co
are basically good and have a lot of
potential but somehow they have "%hat IS '
picked up dysergy and ite! T!!1D! 'getting it off
staled again the s and to1of Synerggeet- lid? That pis
ics have been rapidly evolving sines actions do
its inception and we are learning They stand fo
more and mare about how to promote mental image p
synergy and reduce dysergy. These scious level,
are described in de l in Synerget- carried on Real
le publications; here we siaply want gradually regli
to present the basic idea of Syner- tanking about
getics to friendly readers. NOW; this real
"There are several things that volve nucleonic
may be said about this basic idea. brain structure
"First of all, it gives a very "So these simple basis for organizing your 'reliving' an
knowledge about human beings. If you too slow, We
accept the aim of promoting synergy carefully moni
and reducing dysergy as desirable, psytmmeter.
then you can look over all that you meat with the
have learned about people and ask will setup a
yourself about each item: Does this to 12 K Er
synergy? Does it reduce dy- stands for or
dymsonic section
If it dees, it's part of Syner- this has been tics.
"If it doesn't, it's not part of iese oftkethce
r tics. ing that he is
"Yan can, for example, take any the conscious 12
field of knowledge, such as General from start to
Semantics, and look at all its tech- these words.
niques one by one, and ask yourself: ried on the
Does it promote synergy? Does it manual setting
rIf it~doess,,?it's Synergetic. It's 'relived' as this rise. also part of General Semantics, of with an
course; you're not taking something minute forr each
that doesn't belong to you. Give due the 'Collapsed
credit to where you got it from. Super Visualize
"If you are confused by all the "'Blowing of)
many 'schools' dealing with human it off the chew
nature, and if you think the idea of procedure as 1(
promoing synergy and reducing dy- meter; if it i
sergy is a good one, you can. if you tees will spend
wish, use this basic idea of Syner- &pool analyn
getics to end the bedlam. discussion. I
"In the second place, you can use that one MUST g
this idea without agreeing with Art tic events or
Coulter or joining Project Nucleus childhood but
o ginA anything to do with 'us ing ght handl(
Synergeticists'. We'd like to have "Right now I
you with us, of course, but we can seal
readily understand how you might ob- ieveg the gregte
sioot to some of the things we have spy since the
dore or are do tropsychometer.
"Even if you join the Synergetic hunting dirty
Have You Tried
Do-It-Yourself Head-Shi
CAN YOU LEVITATE? That's Nice - Now, how would you like to experience a form
woRKS. WORKS with such a tangible reality that wh
enced it, either you want more or you-don't EEL u
had. If you prefer, before and after Rorschach can
Preference given to those who have out-maneuvered a

454 So. Rossmore Ave. Los Angeles 5, calif.
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can do so without the like; highly electropsychometisturbed every time rized and additionally instrunentalls a blooper. Because ized. More later.
at basic idea: Does "Joanna Walsh speaks of your
rgy or reduce dyser- 'libidoectcm '. Unless you got doubAnd if Art Coulter le-crossed by that angry VA surgeon
rgy, scratch him. your lid dynamic or libido factor
lease, and watch should improve. In fact I'm intrigand preferably ~v ued about your getting this fixed up
so promptly after edit-reading the
rd place, this basic pages of 'The Power and Glory of
It has the capacity Sex'." — Volney Mathison, Los Angelganeratiag new ideas es, Calif.
r ideas an tools."
lumhus, Ohio "I'll be very grateful for the
• loan of the Profe' ssional Course
bio off stemma, booklets. I want to catch up on all
your chest', 'reliv- I can of the background of *tat went
sous event', and the on before my time in Dianetics and
what psychophysical Scientology
ise words stand for? "Frankly, it is the most interest^ the generating of inA subject to us since I got into
ctures on the con- Chiropractic in the late '30's. It
and if the talk is carries the Innate philosophy of
enough the talkee Chiropractic to much greater lengths
zes that he or she is a application.
the PAST, not about "IWo suomers ago a patient in our
zation seems to in- office wim is a world traveler told
c discharges in the us of an experience of his in the
Orient. He became desperately ill in
ings ALL work, but an outlying province where there
ent over and over is were no American or auopean doctors,
et the event tiCE, and he was assisted to the estabring on the electro- lishment of a Chinese doctor in a
am we get an agree- village close by.
instructee the he "This patient recounted how he
eries of from eight was placed on a reed couch of some
3, wherein each word sort and the doctor wim was dressed
symbolizes a certain in colorful oriental robes and moleof the event. When ing a two-foot long cigaret, queseo
nstructed, we have timed him about his difficulty in
speak MIXJD the ser- an atmosphere that was ,*"'mally
ts, the agreement quiet and. camfbrc
to Image swiftly on "The questioning led fl•am his
vel the entire event distress to his personal life abe
finish as he speaks then to a discussion of life in gene procedure is car- eral and the world and creation in
lectropsychometer on general. Then after an unknown perto watch the tone nod of time he began to realize that
eans an event can be he felt quite well and not only that
>_y times as is useful but he felt real good and even though
ture of about 1/3 he didn't understand what brought
'reliving'. This is about the change his sense of wellTYme' technique of being was greater than it had ever
Lion. been before. The whole session oast
f steam' and 'get him something like 7*. His convictt' is perfectly ion has been ever since that peoples'
wig as piloted on the difficulties could be talked away if
snot, many instruc- the correct procedure was employed,
all the time in dam- and if it was done in an artful nand or intellectual ner, as the Chinese doctor used.
snore sure every day "If you check back into one of
pt the mayor trauma.- the recent PADS, Ron says that a
drn~ patterns of session really should proceed as an
e cLiplfcative reliv- ordinary conversation would start
alas outlined above. between two people and the pre-clear
am working on some- keep rising in tone througpout until shape.
3t short-cut in will thaeh- er- I'm was quite
'm satisfied well theoreli~Aious
vention of the Elec- church organizations where can essNo mumbo-,jumbo or ion is employed, that the priests of
spots on the wall or earlier years were well trained and
skilled in recall and regression
techniques and that by properlyplaced questions, the confessor was
led out of his feelings of distress
^ to those of well-being, without be.. k m q fJ ing aware of the process employed
and Riving the credit to an 'agent
of God', which the confessor or
priest represents himself to be.
"Evidently, Ron has rediscovered,
f processing that to some extant through his knowlo edge of the basic structure of all
an you have experi- matter and energy as that of an
s for what you have electronic nature and also his fabe the determinant. miliarity withoriental philosophies,
t least one psycho- some of the technologies employed in
previous civilizations by so-called
holy-men to 'save' the 'lost'.
elation "The history of martyrs demonstrates this too well. People can be
WEbster 4-5651 changed quite rapidly by use of the
so nkeh word. Knowledge and under