Volume 3, Issue 7, page 11

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••• pretty." -- Sherman
^ '.l City, Okla.
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41: T h e ABERME take
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"Dear Mr. Anthony: "Nhile on the
"I have a problem: %%hhyy do I read cation, may friend 0
every word in The AkkERBE ' I itrege a• Resalt:
ularly scan True Esquire (always A. Ietters t me h
Huxl ), Time k reviews, Press
& Religion), Progressie, The e'en tho o me it's
Nation, The Christian Science Mani- the
tor, Mad (did), The Life Insurance saucer leave for
Salesman, and a few other less well -- Ivor Darreg, Los
kanommperiodicals. I profit from and
enjoy them in a modest (normal?) "Thanks for
sort of way—often amused, sometimes Job on the
irked, always incredulous. But this getting resplendent The ARREE and I become in- One 1 mist(
extricably conglutinated for approx- a few words —bot
imately one hour and 29 to 30 min- tam of left hand
utes once each month. This would not as a viewpoint
seen so strange except that I am to- the explosion is
tally un-initiate. problems...'
"Now, is that not _..., Mr. An-. "The article 10
thong? or is it _...? or do you I can even forgive
know? If you know and if good), Tag Totality Cent
would you reta rie nd that I (at my nonentity, becaus
age) (44) attest to become inure- probably in the ar
ted (indoctrinated)? If you know, title is not too
and if good (and if you do so recam- "Chuck Wylie's
mend) to whom (singular or plural) sene of refr
should (or mshall?) I go (or turn, or eventually my old
rte or phone) for initiation into will l discover
past er not
"Ken Hart e (Fhgland) says (in ef- which he blames on fett) that Phil Friedman's beliefs Chuck is mighty
have distorted Phil Friedman's think- vit sho~isorni
gg So, thouu4~n I get a boot out of
iednan's gibberish I can't afford written article
to "believe" any of it. I was begin- prs are energy
ruing to "believe in" Jim Welgos and lag ~ something
Hunan k3ngineering until I saw (in a there
paid ad) where his students shy they energy. If your re'
e tripled their bank accounts, the two of than
hvave) stopped it from raining (mist have a wanderfinl t
have bean in Oklahoma!), (have got- "We have had
ten 500 jars and fruit to preserve ports from veaole
(I don't need any of these!) ies of The otali
"What about Jim Bentley, Mr. Arc claim it has keym
thew, and Millen Belknap? Are they We hope
defectionists from some of the nom sane results.
erous true ways, or are they still "Creative hmgKh
loyal to some true war Or are they the best cammnica
lust flaming? It gam gy't bad fin, not public. This will
bad at all -to an uninitiate, at use frani now on
least. special occasions
"Just when I am beginnim to 'Phi. We speak e
think (or believe) that Hardin and/ sane grow or o
or Joanna) Walsh are about to 'send' rock and roll uh
me I hit a snag and see that they the Scientology st
are 'leaving' me _way behind bless the idea of crest
'en! few semi-enlighte
"I hope you can help me, Mr. An- bodies, to stagger
thony, because favorite phantom a resut.
(before Tine AMBM) left me fora We have Just c
younger and more optimistic (less 16-week basic cour
skeptical?) chaser. anted in relation
"Now, Mr. Anthony, I Just want concept. Thus we
you to tell me any I read The AMR- lectures on the
RrE. I do not want you to advise me ogy on hi-fi tapes
g l re p ch p he
a w th AHN3iRF t to g ap e tim eskdrn t
the true caw
in a tst e db
it. The Ed. is of all processes to the 8th Dynamic
y unopportunistic, must be done with all the aspects of
1-nigh witty. The Scientology.
reed h'k'p'r) has "The second 16-week unit, or our
e, does good mill- Fall term, will start in two weeks.
Dilly prods the El There seems to be anew interest in
ds) is right 'down Scientology in our area since TT
Buckner, Oklahoma Totality Concept." -- Hardin and Joanna Walsh, Los Angeles, Calif.
ur comments anent "Heap big message. I enjoyed that
lea in World Af- article you referred to (by Jim
s that you are one Bartley) and others very much. Milople who take Com- len Belknap has been doing some telly (ID•NOTEr—What! epathic eavesdropping on my data,
thing serious- the old dear.
regarding ABC as "One shot clear is not so bright
aid lip-service at When arrow fly and let in light.
(No clear I -- still alive.) " —Alma
1 admit willingly Hill, Boston, Mass.

Semantics groups,
belong, f also talk "You know, I don't agree at all
ile c of effective with your editorial premises that we
et' will actually are governed by unleashed maniacs
or so defining ert ondestroyinu all us Poor Cammon
forges Jude nin Folks, whilst fhadhering some nefarious end of their own. Nor do I
ig to talkkab tdt! _ agree with Dr. Smokes sentiments
f mine, very much in the least.
got the kind of government
bought anew Var- in this country that we have all,
e no longer writes collectively, produced throughout
uses the phone, the years of our lives and associatoll call. tions with each other. In their own
hen does the next , like all the rest of us they
Zydokunzruskehen? are following their natural bents,
Angeles, Calif. along the lines of their own beliefs
e bennntiflnl typo and prejudices.
te "We don't lose freedom as the
14 It is indeed good Dr. implies by the underhanded
actions of others. We either have it
ke of leaving out or don't, by dint of our own actions
m of Page 4, hot- -- and this premise is based on your
mama— 'When run own philosophy of each man mockin
(spirit or thetan) up the kind of existence he feels he
ood for solving deserves.
"Nor do I con the 'atomic scionmks-very oks-very nice and . tists' for a bunch of berserkers
you for reducing roaring wildly through the family of
t to a seeming nations like a savage Berber throah
the means is a tribal village. Those I've seen,
itle anyway. The met, or talked to are lust plain huportant. mach beings doing a job they are cat
ads 8Te the es- out for and deem worthy of doing.
ness. I hope that "If better leaders are needed,
sPada qpera buddy who is to pick them? Not the average
his li etime that rson, I hope, who thinks he knows
all p rod also '1st what's wrong with everything,
or most of us would go under the
reless whom he in- block without delay under such a
. system. So, we come back to the
onderfihlly well- time honored political conventions,
sisting that all elections, etc., and I'm not about
goes so well with to trade governments with any other
pt which says that nation that I know of.
that creates the "We're not so bad off—of course
ders can~liust put same of us are not hitting on all
ogether they will six, and I personally wish I could
Lone• t at least one more cylinder workeveral glowing re- ing for myself, but trying to blame
we have sent cop- my own lack of horsepower and posiy Concept to. They tien on poor leadership is something
i will awareness off I just can't kid myself into. I got
many have here under my own power and so did
seams tobe you "We Dr. Hanoka.
nation We are just as responsible for
tion line to the the condition of the nation, husibe the one we will ness, the radioactivity in the air,
except for faw racial prejudice, etc., ad infinitum,
involving Ba ridey as Mr. president, now or past, or
very week or so to any of his cabinet members or relarganization. They ted subordinates.
er the i t of "This is particularly true if you
ory, but they get rule out the possibility of an snive imagers cEtna a ause gram bank, a reactive mind, a subed etc., and substitute the
to our hacienda as Infinity ty concept as you have chosen do.
ompleted the first "So, why these critical editorials
se .•~~.letely ori- ._why these scornings and scoffings?
to !,ft Totality Why use the time and the space and
have to one-hour the energy on 'The Problem Here' inasics s of Scientol- stead of treating of solutions.
_ mete nel e+iee n0__~~~__ T n c F