Volume 3, Issue 1, page 14

itai - - sucn as tHis circulates you like iu or nu
so widely in the field speaks badly what still ails
for the mental states of many of aren't going to
the professional auditors, it seems "My vote is,
to me. these guys who
"Apparently theta clearing and cover. Your cover
even exteriorization are being soft of the character
pedaled these days. As I mentioned dropping it would
before, the only interesting datum only in the dire
to appear in recent months is the ty." -- Fred Hand,
concept of the Data Clear. Apparently any and all independent re- "A whole cow
search in Scientology has been de- to be photograp
Glared legally dead. It goes right still don't kno
on regardless, naturally. suspect that t
"I used to wonder why it was is still the b
that Scientology was a system which ness...
eliminated its successes and re- "ABERREE is
tamed its failures. Now, appar- ible- -three just
ently being one of the successes, I god, what a way
begin to understand why it happens. publisher to hav
For one thing, there is no advanced are games and
processing in the official system, that's yours, I
if an auditor has an advanced case great quarrel wil
to process, he invents something, I fancy you a
or gives up, or regresses the case mock-up of eclec
to a lower level. My own strong it I find depre
point is empathy, meaning to BE miss the puckis
somebody or something. I can now large a part of
not only put myself in the place of bulletins and
a person who is present, but can and hope that
also do empathy of second order. bitterness." -- Cu]
That is, have a person who is pres- am.
ent hold in mind a visualization of "I'm ordering
a person not present and put myself Vol. IV by B.J.
in the place of that person. Also tion of the writi
group empathy. Not to merely get the discoverer
the general group tone, or 'atmos- Think you will
phere', but to BE each individual bits of philosop
in the group simultaneously (or by Universal Intel'
very rapid scanning). That last can use to goo kind is very rugged to do. My best opening discourse
score was holding a group of 12 Religious Duty of
people at a party during Christmas is excellent! Y
week for about 45 seconds. Empathy pages and see wh
is not equivalent to rapport, the "Brain-cell to
latter being, apparently, just two- fibre continuity;
way communication. Many Scientolo- pin' cycle of cc
gists in processing start to devel- Palmer stated
op some empathy and avoid it. Some P. of present
even advise against it. One feels His manuscripts
the other person's physiological His manuscripts
state, too, including somatics. pernicus whose
When done unconsciously or compul- pernic in his dE
sively, this is probably the intro- feared the istr
jection of hysteria. EMpathy is one fe his physical
thine it takes for a good psycho- physe or
therapist. I hardly see how one rng pop '
could operate without it... mental taunts an"I understand now about your fear of u~npopula
'humanist viewpoint'. Ady point is and always do w
that the spiritual or psi, etc., ceptable.
events are also existential and Enjoy the
perceptible and should also be ta- ?lag a fine job.
ken into account- -not given prior- into a major ant
ity, but considered equally and in tion and on a le)
turn. My view is shared by (and of help is neda
partly derives from) the philoso- "Suggest you
phies of Schroedinger, Russell, and of users of t
Jung. That's Erwin Schroedinger, eter." -- J. Harol
the theoretical physicist. I differ Beach, S. Car.
also fran Hubbard in denying that
one IS a thetan and HAS a body. I "I notice Di]
think I have a Thetan (a general- your correspond]
ized sense-organ, apparently strut- section of the
tured out of 'attention') and have much use for Kr'
a body (an animal organism). I'm in bad their expert
and around there some place more or them an insight
less and the three of us are symbi- them to even Fao
otic. The only reason this sounds is talking abou
confused is because it is. About understanding a
processes of invalidation, I agree. naturally you do
Pre-clears so processed willremain ing nor can you
invalidated. The perennial pre- of it. It would
clears who make no progress from trying to give a
one year's end to the other, but dynamics. I don'
who keep 'processing' and 'derive Friedman is qual
much benefit' are the results of port on Krishn
such invalidation as you mention. I ently) have two
can quote Scripture too. 'If we Krishnamurti is
think we are without sin we deceive Search' of him;
ourselves and the truth is not in scheme of things
us'. Or, if you refuse responsibil- terested in th
ity for whatever comes up, whether called civiliza
1L Thik A l
m p e h w hem t t h ca a man - a m u bdr h Abe iam
t and if you deny say the end or the means (artifid
,you exists, you cial to be sure) to an end. And of
ake it... course, anyone can see these are
ay no attention to two different journeys.
want to drop the "One can get so bound up on the
treatment is part multiple complexities of our pres of Aberree, and ent day society that he cannot (and
'improve' the nag refuses to try) to see the all im ction of mediocri- portant end goal (if such is posHouston, Texas. sessed). Only those who are getting
to be more at peace with themselves
r of what purport can see the utter futility of all
s of you, and I the complexities bound up in still
how you look. I greator ones.
e snap with Nibs "Bodies are rather like automo st published like- bites. What happens to an automobile if you do not grease and lu echanically incred- bricate, put fuel and water in, and
ified columns- -m4y what happens when the tires get
for you and the thin and you run over a nail?...If
e a ball -- but there
here are games, and Oc../Mmuem'`a GO vY~c~~aO
gather. Have no
h the contents, as
tic ism, re working on the
tm, but much of v
;sing. I do rather
-ness that was so
the early Phoenix
you get over your More than 200 pages of
tis Janke, Sheboy- 0 notes from lectures given
to students of the
Advanced Clinical Course.
a copy for you of Theory, techniques...$6.00
Palmer, a compila ngs of D.D.Palmer, NOTES 0 N THE DOCTORATE
of chiropractic. COURSE -- as given by L.
find some choice Ron Hubbard in his "Theta
y, Be.: Innate and Clearing" lectures. 200 of
igence, that Lou these were sold at $7.50,
advantage. The but because of demand and O
on the 'Moral and c the importance of the data
the Chiropractor' they contain, the stencils P
l skim through the were re-run in a limited
t you think. edition. Now, only ...$4.00
tissue-cell nerve
mmunication. D.D. .uOCTORATE COURSE. 52
y of the princi- pages of notes on lectures
day Scientology. made in London . $1.00
have remained cam- e
d almoxt like Co- 6 C0-OPERATIVE HEALING, by g
anuscript remained L. E. Eeman. In simple
sk 45 years. He language, the author tells C
ction and torture L/t how human radiations can
ody by the unknow- be used to cure disease --
perhaps it was the your own or in co-o erariuty. Odicnuleemust ardonly the