Volume 3, Issue 1, page 13

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day that I really enjoyed. Paracel- number of scie
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given the name of the person who s e• the
has it." There would be a lot less Research has
of the unlmoei running around wait- the top level
ing to attack us, eh? will provide
"Here's one boctor of Scientol- ots scientists
ogy who signs her name." -- Alberta tions this coral Elliott, // Greenville. S.Car. ganizatios as
7ke Secret oi ike ~ouzdea / r Litac
By Waves G. Ma hisoa, a saemi; vent, of fie parenred Mathison
world-famous Psychic x-Ray.

Read the opening lines of this
Evolved the dears-,
psychical research .The miracles dealt sod j "~ two types. The first liP
miraculous physical nankin
the French shrine of Lola
places elsewhere on this gtype of andie is the gae
happiness s and well-benigna
overwhelming obstacles.
.The author has himae] equivalent physical miracle
thirty-four years ago, the'
said to be a lasting laira
event, the author has spas
J~ , gating how he achieved what
i radio communication engine
has been scientific -- and
is scientific, clear-cut.
yaaq 6. sasa.

AND --
, An ieapirinr aostitic rest
lotion that miracles, bah at "High-priced concerns
physialhmdingatldmestal, secrets, assert that the
psychical ar apiritW arbiews cally or spiritually imagi
ment me be aeeempished by human physical body and t
ANY ONE, of any faith, changes to appear in the b
ANYWHERE. It manillas in the ancient past and wa
preliminary inshmetieas oa to humanity.
.The present writer i
this power HAS NEVER BE
-- - _ =aa ar- s=r contrary, it has never bet
It has been but dimly
conscious level of human al
„ c been glimpsed in brief flashes
throughout the past centuries of
Strange psychical flickerings herak
GREAT DISCOVERY -- how consistently
Iles of accelerated physical and
appear and vanish again and again.
s • w cause there are so many failures.
w a' approach with more complete data
d e maber of failures and make thi
4 m a healing more readily achievable. .
ed a
Oc Volney G. Mathison, the author, travels
s ai on a classified project. At a lecture in the F
o material in this book was presented, he was
"You have discovered and dis
g closely-guarded secret of the gre
the East."
a $2 postpaid. Also available: a tape-recur
•o N lecture by Volney G. Mathison; same con
N postpaid.
o 1214 West 30th Street, las Angeles 7,
Ararat 1 1 O K. T 1a an
f in g CREA l ul o be have
nSo a ni e f E
to a few of the early the National Research Foundatior
th herein are of
f experienced an
rs' Bulletins. Shall and B.O.A.C. have shown great inway -- or would someone terest, and I have interested some
I in them?” - Wayne of the scientific correspondents of
15, Brooklyn, N. y. the best newspapers...So this cone
ink summer, when the book is avail' to quote part of a able, I should be able to launch e
ratn Dr. Rolf Alexan- real campaign...'." -- Bob iillicros,
w in England, as is Phoenix, Ariz.

I seem to have heard "}yell, my article, after the
laurie, ltd., a very switch in titles and whipping away
ogressive publisher of words, really wasn't too bad! It
ing out an English didn't make me feel it had been
TIVE REALISM in May, 'butchered' so if another article
e: THE POWER OF THE flis out of we I'll send it along.
d do well, I think. I think the new format is very
f the philosophy ov- good. With this, and the greater
en good up to this number of articles covering a wider
lectured before a field than hitherto, the A kIRFE is
tific societies and sure to boom. I hope more people in
with excellent re- Jim's (Wedges) work willstart sendciety for Psychical ing you articles and letters, for
econe interested at it appears to me that people in
(the Council) and Scientology have not yet realized
panel of world fair- the importance of Jim's teaching;
for my demonstra- that in Nexology we really do have
ng summer. Such or- a knowledge that is truly basic and
the Foreign Office, that moreover takes in all of the
world's knowledge and makes it canprehensible...
/ / J / aa Cea O'eweaGed "Ah, well, I guess people must
ggo their own ways, roam the intelElearopsychomerer, the lectual jungles for years, ane
thereby tie their functioning rote
_ many uncomfortable knots!" -- Ken W.
book, Hart, Rickmamsworth, Herts., Eng.
th herein are of "People who wish to practice
is that of the may, I suppose, continue to operate
g that occurs at on the HASI system, eventually atdes -- and at many tanning a semi -sub -professional
Lobe. The second status somewhere between that of a
t achievement of Chiropractor and an Astrologer. My
ss in the face of strategy would indeed daunt most
people. Starting at age 37 with
f experienced an sophomore college standing, I can
. This occurred get the Master of Arts degree in
afore it may be under four years by going all year
cle. Since that 'round, concentrating on the major
t years investi- and graduate subjects anu doing evhe did. Being a erything possible—and making good
er, his approach grades, too. The whole thing is a
the answer, too, masterpiece of Third Dynamic co-orIt is workable by dination and planning, and without
the help of not less than six irdivideals, it would be impossible. In
a six- or nine-week course, no matselling 'ancient ter how intensive, one can learn a
power of psychi- given technique mechanically, well
ng changes in the enongh to use it, but one surely
hen causing these can't learn anything about the
cady was exercised
s thereafter lost principles involved, nor can one
develop much skill or background...
It seems obvious that much of the
s convinced that good showing Scientology has made
Ent LOSTI On the is due to its use by persons who
n fully found, already were good psychotherapists
perceived on the by aptitude or training or both,
areness. It has who also employed Scientology...
here and there
human history. "Incidentally, the mockup of a
ding the eventual Squirrel finding safety only inside
to achieve mira- a Wildcat is a picture of much
mental healing -- quaint charm. Most of the Papal
They vanish be- poop I've seen of recent months is
onca aeducetithe -jet commentaries on 'Creation of
reduce the ihnen Ability', or else that very
a" type of rapid paranoid-sounding stuff about assaults, poisonings, and conspiraall over the world, ties. I have myself been sorrily
ar East, in which the informed that all Psychiatrists and
informed: Psychoanalysts are being involved
in a Communist plot to destroy the
closed the most minds of the United States. The authority • mystics of thority for this particular nightmare seers to be a text of cloudy
origin, and unavailable copies,
ding of the original called 'Psychopolitics' I patientling the boog. original ly explained that, due to the widespread lack of ARC among psychotherapists of different schools,
TERS, a y organization, subversive o r
otherwise, would be literally imCalifoniia possible. That a bunch of patholog