Volume 3, Issue 1, page 4

ridges, sphere upon sphere of impenetrable
armour. It will develop in processing that
this is merely a reference point of long standing and is merely the main anchor point on a
sphere of influence or awareness.

The True I Am is a sphere which encloses
and extends throughout all the physical universes, in which the I Am has interest.

In a sense the fixed Orientation Point of
the I Am is a space-creating machine -- space
being the distance between particles. The I Am
creates the light particles which are the basic building units of these MEST universes.
Light particles are either white or black basically. Thus as it says in the Christian Bible,
"I am the light of the world," is a true
statement. The I Amness of each of us, by mutual agreement, is truly creating the light of
the world, among other things.

The I Am level of awareness is the postulate level. The fixed Orientation Point seems
to be a storehouse of postulates and the energies attached to them. I Am is a postulated
state of identity -- a decision to identify with
things. I Amness extends through all things --
things being energy manifestations. Basically,
I Amness is a separateness from Total Source.
Further down scale is a separateness for I Amness as an Orientation Point. For example, I
am a thetan, I am a body, I am a cell, I am an
atom, I am a particle of light, and I am sex
(sensation). The game is an infinity of identifications within I Amness.

However, each unit of I Amness is existing
within Total Source and is a manifestation of
Total Source. So we have a basic confusion
within all energy manifestations and problems:
the I Am identification with the energy in the
problem and the separateness from Total Source.
The pre-clear basically KNOWS that he is Total
Source but he has identified for so many lifetimes with bodies and things that he is convinced that he is Something. We have identification vs. separateness as the game's basic

These identifications with things are
limitations of knowingness (not knowing). The
I Am is the first limitation of Total Source
(total awareness). The I Am level contains all
the mutual agreements between the I Ams to
limit their knowingness (not look, for example), the rules of the game. The original
state of theta as a functional form is Total
Source. It is present in all things and is
"from whence all things come". Total Source is
the common denominator of all unknowingness.
All the limitations, energy, ridges, engrams,
problems of all kinds are desired, enforced,
or inhibited agreements not to know in order
to have a game of surprises. Total Source is
within all things and all things are within
Total Source.

Total Source, expressing through the I
Am, operates the I Ams as the Makers of the
Game. The Thetans are the Players of the Game
and the Bodies are the Pieces in the Game.

Thus any engram, ridge, or problem is
present and manifested on all these levels of
the game. A heavy traumatic experience will be
recorded as a ridge on each and every level of
awareness as related energy patterns. The I
creates a nothingness (space) within Total
Source into which then is created a somethingness (energy). Any problem then contains the
four parts as follows:
Total Source -- Static (void).

I Amness -- Postulate.

Nothingness -- Space.

Somethingness -- Energy (particles).

AXIOM -- When you as total Source
h. The A
become aware of the Total Source in
the problem area, the problem area
can then be accepted back into Total
Source if you choose. Total Source
is the ultimate chooser.

These four parts are present in all
things. The pre-clear can learn to become
aware of each of the parts.

Thetans are powerful spirits which operate bodies or a body. For most pre-clears,
there is one Thetan for each body. Total Source
expressing through I Amness created Thetans
which in turn created bodies, and life forms of
many categories, shapes, and sizes. Thetan is
a name which is valid on the time track of experience and is not an original creation of
the individual who first presented Scientology
to this planet.

A Thetan is a movable orientation point --
a viewpoint from which to view or be aware. It
contains the postulate that it is being recreated moment by moment, in different minute
locations, thus creating the illusion of motion for the Thetan. The Thetan has the ability to appear and disappear from any given
point by being created and untreated by Total
Source expressing through your I Amness. The
Thetan has the ability to be nothing or something or any postulated thing, such as a force
field known as a body.

A Thetan is a very low order of BEingness. He is limited by the postulated rules of
the game set up by the I Ams. Without processing the Thetan can only go through the life
and death cycle over and over; he can escape
living only by dying.

The Thetan is the connecting link between
the I Am and the body. To most individuals a
Thetan is a little ball of golden light. It
may seem to be a large ball of golden light if
it is very powerful. If the Thetan is in really good shape he will appear as clear -- soap
bubble style.

The Thetan eventually can be run out. It
can be recreated as a viewpoint whenever you
need it. The Thetan as a separateness, a special unit of awareness, has certain conveniences for operating in Space and Time.

It now becomes evident that we are not
just processing a mere body and a Thetan. We
find the "Structure of HHingness" described in
much ambiguous detail in the Christian Bible.
The Christ or Christus is the Son of the Father (I AM). The Christus is the Thetan or Sun;
Son is also correct. When a man becomes aware
of his Christus or Thetan he has been resurrected out of the flesh (Be three feet back of
the head). He has been Christened or has become a Christian. Jesus, a Master, perhaps
taught of this, and down through the years of
misidentification, his name became identified
with that which he taught and became known as
Jesus Christ. We find the structure of BEingness in Biblical terms to be: God -- Total
Source; I Am -- the Father; Thetan -- Son, Sun;
Holy Ghost -- the group of spirits known as a
body. As you become aware of these steps
through processing you will discover the Bible
to be an interesting metaphysical handbook,
along with the other holy books of this lanet.
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