Third Clinical Course Attendees, Three Churches Are Given Charters in New Jersey


The following (not identified by position in the picture), are the graduates of the Third Clinical Course given by the HAS in Phoenix: Jeanette Barieau, Los Angeles; Don Breeding, San Antonio; Lee Burgess, Elmwood Park, Ill.; Peggy Conway, Los Angeles; Lula M. Exleton, Garden Grove, Calif.; Alphia Hart, Phoenix; Carroll Hennick, Phoenix; Jonathan Kenworthy, Phoenix; R. Ross Lamoreaux, Phoenix; Mrs. C. W. Lane, Beaumont, Texas; Julia Lewis, Compton, Calif.; John McCormick, LaJolla, Calif.; Tam Owen, London; Margaret Scholtz, London; George Seidler, El Cerrito, Calif.; Chas. Simpson, Auckland, N. Z.; Farley R. Spink, Sussex, Eng.; Richard Steves; Idella Stone, Pasadena; Pearl Strafello, Speing Valley, Calif.; Bob Sutton, Dallas; Elizabeth Williams, London.

Those taking the Fourth Clinical course are:. Gerald Knowlton, Clem Johnson, Carol Hedley, Hardin Walsh, Ellen Carder, Dr, P. D. Napier, Don McCannie, Fred Blankenburg, Vivian Morris, Ernest Wirick, Rev. Ray Kinney, Bud Eubanks, Jean Townley, James Kile, Bill Winters, Nelson Marlow, Ken Barrett, Ralph Swanson, Bob Churchill, Phyllis Griffith, and Carl Harr.

Three Churches Are Given Charters in New Jersey

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In announcing the action, officials of the H. A. S. stated that there is little doubt but what this stroke will remove Scientology from the target area of overt and covert attacks by the medical profession, who see their pills, scalpels, and appendix-studded incomes threatened. Several auditors who in the past have found themselves facing prejudiced courts or behind bars - or who practiced in fear that each pre-clear might be only a spy with a warrant behind his engram bank - had little sympathy with the Californians' arguments.

With the formation of the Church of Scientology in the State of California by Dr. J. Burton Farber of Glendale, and the granting of a charter, auditors in that area can avoid the recent fiasco in which a Pasadena practitioner is reported to have spent 10 days in that city's torture chamber for "practicing medicine without a license". On March 5, Dr. Farber appeared in Phoenix, and before an audience of more than 30 clinical students, taped a ceremony in which L. Ron Hubbard was made a Doctor of Divinity and awarded Certificate No. One. This gives him legal authority to lecture, perform marriages, baptisms, and other religious rites.

At the same time, as part of this ceremony, Dr. Farber, a minister in another church, was made a Doctor of Divinity in the Church of American Science under the New Jersey charter. Other ministers to be ordained will be graduates of the clinical courses.

The Church of Scientology also has been chartered in Arizona, giving it legality in three states. Similar action is being taken in Michigan an area in which control is demonstrably bold and vicious.

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