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cause its 1.1 tone was higher than "Death on the Delaware", zoomed into wide popularity; one of the most pretentious is failing trying to prove you can gather moss while rolling. We have no goal for The ABERREE, and only two purposes: 1, to trample pet corns, and 2, we thought up a joke we wanted to give wide circulation - but now have forgotten the joke.

Those are our only reasons for existence. We think we'll survive - but we don't guarantee it. In fact, we're going to resist survival until you can't get rid of us with an H-Bomb (Hubbard-Bomb, that is). Also, we're going to resist getting rich off the magazine.

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L. Ron Hubbard, M.D., But He's Not a Doctor of Medicine, Yet

The English scientist, Mr. C. D. Darlington, in a Conway Memorial Lecture on "The Conflict of Society and Science," published by Watts and Co., 1948, very aptly states: "Scientific discovery is often carelessly looked upon as a creation of some new knowledge. This is true of the strictly trivial discoveries. It is not true of the fundamental discoveries, such as the laws of mechanics, of chemical combinations, of evolution, on which scientific advance ultimately depends. These always entail the destruction of or disintegration of old knowledge before the new can be created." He later says, "It is no accident that bacteria were first understood by a canal engineer, that oxygen was first isolated by a Unitarian minister, that the theory of infection was established by a chemist, the theory of heredity by a monastic school teacher, and the theory of evolution by a man who was unfitted to be a university instructor in either botany or zoology." He closes by saying, "We need a Minister of Disturbances, a destroyer of routine; and underminer of complacency."

L. Ron Hubbard, whose training is that of a nuclear physicist, has done for the science of beingness what Mendel, Darwin, and others have done for the physical sciences. ... ascend to his nomination as Minister of Disturbance.

-- Frank S. Sullivan, in "An Invitation to Scientology".


HE: Don't tell Miss Yawnson, but while she was yawning with her eyes closed, I saw a bee crawl in her mouth - and it didn't come out!