Volume 11, Issue 8, page 16

here with untold wealth in
statuary, carvings, gold leaf,
wood panelings, hand chipped
marble -- but I feel they are
empty -- empty. I don't really
believe there are more than a
handful of Christians in this
whole city. They don't know
the meaning of `Christianity'.
The old friars did a good job
of substituting idols. I see
and feel nothing to make me
believe these people are far
removed from the Aztecs still.
I see nothing to make me feel
the historians are all wrong.
As for the human sacrifices Mr.
Felts takes exception to as
well, I see no reason to disbelieve it. I have never butchered any hogs, but this is how
I visualize it might have been
done: First, as the skin 2n
the chest is relatively thin,
make an incision right over the
sternum, which gives something
to cut against, then with two
fingers inserted in the opening
to give tension to both sides,
extend the cut downwards; instead of trying to cut thru
any muscle you simply with
fingers spread the muscle layers apart until you have your
chest exposed (No surgeon cuts
thru muscle, he always spreads
the layers apart). Then reach
up under the ribs on top of
the diaphragm and grasp the
heart in its covering and all
and start pulling. The only
anchors on the top are the lung
coverings and the large blood
vessels. The lungs are fairly
friable and the blood vessels
will stretch. Once outside the
body these anchors, which will
be taut, I believe could be
hacked apart by an obsidian
knife or even any old rock.
In the Museum of Archeology in
Mexico City they have large
stones where these were purportedly done, and after looking over this collection of
immense stones, these stories
certainly seem valid.
"I will say this about Mexico, they are many hundreds of
years behind many other countries of the world but they
are trying and they are fairly
stable in these trials and I
truly believe one day they will
bea very progressive nation in
all ways. I just don't care
much for being a part of their
growing pains of now. I'm not
real clear as to what Mr. Felts
is trying to accomplish but
I'd find it interesting to talk
to him -- so if he is ever around
in this neck of the woods, drop
in, Jack, for a cup of Mexican
instant coffee!" -- Monica Ryder, Mexico, D.F.