Volume 11, Issue 5, page 11

the Felts, who operate the Individualist Society as well as
the Pan Press, announce that
the "Great Gathering" of those
with metaphysical interests is
to be held 14, 15, and 16 October. We've been invited -- but
so are you, and you, and you...
1.After poring thru 74 or
so pages of the carbon copy of
a typed publication called
"Philetho ", typed and issued by
Thomas A. Fairbanks of Washington, D.C., about all we discovered was what a few priests
think of one another. And it
wasn't new -- we've had similar
opinions for many years, but
we're not priests and can't ri E a
speak with their Divine author ~j ~ GL
ity. "Father" Fairbanks says
he hopes"Alphia never gets
converted to Christianity",
because it may spoil The ABER-