Volume 8, Issue 8, page 13




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DgAR LOUIS--I dreamed I was Cleopatra floating down the Nile.
Could this be a Past incarnation coming to the surface?-
-G.B., New York, N.Y.

DEAR CLEO--Most women would like to think of themselves as
Cleopatra. After all, she has been deceased a few
thousand years, yet she still ranks as one of THE sex svmbols -
and I


N9W YORI FR99 FOR ALL, by Lew Arthur. 50 pp., $1.25. Pub. by New
York Free for All, Box 1, Stuyvesant Sta., New

Most persons who go to New York to"see the sights" find it some
pretty expensive looking-but Lew Arthur and his
wife, Monica, prove in this fascinating little book that one can
see, and for free, such luxuries as movies, sports , concerts,
cultural and educational events-as wel I as I earn what banks
will give you what, or what clothing store will replace a
missing button on your coat without asking for a mortgage on your
credit cards.

Of course, many of the free events listed are available to anyone
with eyes who cares to look - with or without a guide -
but sometimes it takes a bit of Drodding to see that life itself
is wonderful entertainment. if one will but accept it. Maybe,
after one discovers what can be seen free. and enjoyed, in New
York. he will return home and discover that he has been
entertained all his life. for free. and didn't know it. Sometimes
you have to

doubt that any of the current
queens could -hold interest
that long. I wish I could say
that this is an incarnation
memory - but I do not see this
in your pattern. But shucks,
if you want to be Cleopatra,
go ahead. I won't tell anyone.

DEAR LOUIS-Someone told us our land had a curse on it. Is this
true?-J.K., North Car.

DEAR FRIEND-Your SOMEONE -and I know who they are - is trying to
bilk you out of some money. If you're stupid
enough to swallow this tale, go ahead. But look about you; what
do you see but God's wonderful I and) Now, h o w c an such
be cursed,


DgAR LOUIS--Would you Print the vision you told us of the last
time you were in California?--y.H., San Diego, Calif.

DEAR N.H. -- I was in Hol I ywood and awaiting a client. To while
away the few minutes I had. I picked up a newspaper,
and the headline read, "San Andreas Fault Split, 50,000 Killed!".
Then I looked at the paper again, and what was

travel many miles. to see what's under your feet. Luckily, there
are observers, such as the Arthurs, to help people make the
discovery~ -Trah Nika.

S A V9 YOUR 9YES, by Sylwood O'Toole. 30 Pp. Fan F#,ess,
Yah~equah, Okla.

Persons who buy glasses to "look dignified", or "scholarly", or
to point up their costume, will not be interested in
"Save Your Eyes", but Mr. O'Toole is assuming that a few persons
are interested in seeing-and not psychically, either.

In this small pamphlet that wastes no words on technical terms
and medical jabberwocky. he gives a few simple
exercises for improving eyesight and discarding expensive and
replaceable "windows" that are probably hooked over your
ears because of your own darned ignorance, carelessness, or

One of the primary suggestions is that you do a lot of blinking,
discard those dark "screens" that Hollywood has made f
a m o u s, get pl enty of light on.what you're reading, and read
only things you enjoy. (Textbook authors, please note :
You're driving yourself and your students to the oculist by your
boring efforts to be "I ea med ". ) And don t starel it's not
only impol;te. it;~ "bad" for your eyes. In fac

OECEMBER, 1961 T h e R B E R R E F

actually printed came intc focus. I feel that this catastrophe is
hear at hand, and if I were sitting on the fault, I think I'd
change my location.


DgAR LOU13--You are so ver) wonderful--but,could you teach me to
be psychic? --M.3., Norfolk, Va.

DEAR M.S. --You are psychic --everyone is. What must I say to
impress that upon you? Each of the Father*s children
arrives with this type of awareness. Some idiot has sold the
world on the idea that this is something special. It is merely a
demonstration of the Father , working thru you. Once you are
completelysold on the fact you have it, start using it, just as
you started walking as a child. Before you know it, you will be
complete again, just as you arrived here in the first place.

DEAR LOUIS --Do y o u read auras9--J.T., New York, I.Y.

DEAR J. T. - -in a way. but not as the so-called aura readers. I
read the pattern, of which the aura is a part.

it's bad for the eyes, even if her husband isn't around to take a
poke at you.

The reviewer doesn't know if Mr. O'Toole wears glasses or not-but
the reviewer does. And beginning tomorrow, or the
next day, we're going to start blinking. Honest.--Trah Nika.

WE91 WILL Y9ST9RDAY COAfg? by 9.Blanche Pritchett. 15 PP.. $1.50,
mimeo. Pub. by Marcap Council, Lahexont, Ga.

What happens when an entity takes over a body? How does it
recognize its experience before it has learned words? And
what does this entity do when it learns it must forget its
"planned part in the future of a planet", and remember only its
of a body - or bodies -bodies that will be both a queen and
an-Aztec princess)

These are some of the weird problems Blanche Pritchett has toyed
with in her mimeographed booklet, "When Will
Yesterday Come'P' " and one can only wish the story was less
synoptic. However, the reader, if he accepts the theory of
reincarnation, can do his own conjecturing - if he knows
historyabout why Lucifer, brother of the story's heroine, must be

To tellmore would give away the story - even tho a review has no
chance of duplicating the story's mood. - frah Nika.