Volume 7, Issue 9, page 14

" To designate intelligent
people who are not Catholics,
Protestants, Jews, nor esoteric cultists, you might want to
bring back the good old term,
Free Thinkers (my husband suggests Lost Souls), or freethinking individualists. The
nub of the matter being, I take
it, that they will not ally
themselves with religious
groups. They could be called
the non-churched, except that
some of the religious groups
might not be thought of as
churches. Similarly, they could
be called the unorthodox, but
our esoteric groups might be
considered highly unorthodox,
say to a Roman Catholic. And
so those two terms would not
exclude the member of newer
cults. Of course, Protestants
might protest that their
groups are also free-thinking,
sprang from a free criticism
of older churches, and encourage freedom of thought. In
which case, we could designate
them as 'Non-church Freethinkers: I'm leaving as nominal Christians (or Jews) the
many who are merely too indifferent to get to church.", --
Margery Mansfield, Monterey,