Volume 7, Issue 6, page 17

ance and understanding, enjoy
their sexual pleasures as
needed. And for many, this includes masturbation.
"If Mr. Katzen condemns all
who masturbate to a life of
mental illness and one step
from the `nut house', then the
world better drop dead and let
Mr. Katzen and his anti-seed
campaign take over.
"God has healed millions
since the world began, and He
did all this for people who
enjoyed their sexual pleasures, smoked, swore, drank,
danced, and practiced so-called
abnormal vices which the socalled hypocrites condemn today as work of the devil.
"God knows we are not perfect... If Morris was half the
Saint he pretends to be, then
we could take heed of his rantings. But no person is perfect
today in the eyes of God, and
that includes Vern J. Texter.
I like my smoking, joking,
jitterbug music, and sexual
enjoyment that God bestowed
upon me. Thank God, I am not a
"God has healed many in
answer to my prayers. God did
not care if the person was a
drinker, smoker, or enjoyed
sexual pleasures. God knew
that because I had love for
Him, and my fellow men and women, and try to do good for
all, regardless of race, color, or creed, that I did the
best to my ability as a human
"True sexual education is
needed so much, especially in
the United States. Normal sexual relations of any kind are
not harmful in any way. Many
- married couples practice mutual masturbation. Women and
men confined over long periods
masturbate. Sexually frustrated
married men and women masturbate. Women who fear becoming
pregnant masturbate. Cripples
and bashful people also masturbate. But they are not mentally ill -- nor will they become so so." -- Vern J. P e x ter,
Chestertown, N. Y.
"I've never read a more completely false-to-fact lot of
statements than those of Morris Katzen, with his frantic
concern over the imagined evils
of sexual self-excitation.
"Ten years of intense electropsychometry, now totaling
thousands of cases, clearly
discloses that masturbation is
nearly universal, and that it
is probably n eve r a basic
cause of insanity. Needless
feelings of guilt about the
practice may cause a neurosis
-- but one of the easiest ones
in the book to cancel out.

Sexual self- excitation has cent purpose behind it. In my
been practised by the human mind, it smacks a little too
race for thousands of years, much of the 'infiltration from
without any serious effects within' technique. According
whatsoever -- an d under the to ABILITY 118, Hubbard feels
stresses and tensions generat- that the 'Third Dynamic' needs
ed by phony, ignorant Chris- improvement. This is undoubttian meddling with sex, self- edly true, but can any one man
excitation is sometimes a pre- or system set itself up as THE
server of sanity. It is, none- Authority as to what constitheless, an extremely inferior tutes improvement, and what is
and undesirable substitute for the best way of bringing it
genuine contact with the oppo- about? Quote from ABILITY 118:
site sex -- and that's just `The prize of understanding
about the worst that it is. Man as a racial and political
"I've had a couple rough species has fallen to our
experiences with elderly fe- hand.' (My italics.) Isn't
male neurotics who harped away this rather grandiose?
on this same silly theme that "Am I being unduly concernmales should not lose their ed when I say: If Hubbard is
'golden fluid' -- but subcon- tending toward `illusions' of
sciously hoping some man would grandeur, and if he has stiflelose some with them. ient backing and followers, is
"As for the 'knowledge' of it possible that his plans and
the Bible or of ancient writ- purpose go a little beyond the
ings about sex, this is the concept of `improvement'?
most utterly false-to-fact "Actually, I would like to
statement of all; the ancients know if Scientology has any
did not even know the simplest real value? If so many of you
things about the human body. have separated from it, there
not even -- as you mention in must be a solid reason -- the
your editorial in the same fault being either in the perissue -- the now seemingly sim- sonality of the leader or in
ple fact that the blood circu- the validity of the princilates and is not a static fluid, ples." -- Muriel Griebe, Dover,
etc., etc."