Volume 7, Issue 6, page 5

Beaven -- One Flab, No Cod, No Angels
Researcher Says Life Goes on as Before,
Except Bodiless Man Needs No"Janitor"
GO, THE real identity of man, is responsible for all good, and equally
responsible for all evil. Ego elevates man to the heights of the
gods; ego debases man to venomous
degradations. Of all living creatures, only man has the capacity to
rise so high and sink so low. It
takes a human brain and mind to
kill and destroy for pleasure and
profit. The cruelest of animals, the
slimiest of reptiles, only perform living
functions, killing for food and selfpreservation. Our atomic bomb tests befoul the atmosphere for millions. I cannot imagine skunks holding indiscriminately-scheduled tests to perfect a better
skunk juice.

The ego is so cagey that to justify his own
views (of which he is not at all certain), he
will grant validity to the conflicting views
of others. Einstein contended, "If a principle
is to be admitted at all, it must be admitted
at all points regardless of what it contradicts." The ego of many popular metaphysical
writers is salved by maintaining that in the
area of God and His realm, all conflicting
views may be right.

These and other "expert opinions" from people who have no access to reports direct from
entities in the Heaven World (H.W.I is an insult to investigative methdds for attaining
knowledge. For many, their medium of attaining
their information is thru gadgets such as pendules, amulets, and electropsychometric machines. It is people of that group who charge
us with dealing with "Low Spirits", "Ghosts",
"Shells ".

We receive an inaudible answer when we ask
them, "Do you have communication with High
Spirits?" We then bluntly tell them that they
place reliance on gadgets, whereas we communicate with the discarnate entities who motivate
their gadgets.

In 40 years I have not found one of these
"highly endowed" with the ability to communicate with spirits, high or low. I have visited
hundreds of mediums (considered" low" in their
estimations), and have found little difficulty
in establishing contact with H.W. entities. I
shall not here discuss the relative merits of
the messages. I do, however, wish to stress
that when a person has ability to substantiate
his contentions, he does so without argumentation. The "lowly" medium produces, the "high
grade" metaphysician talks, and talks, and
talks. It is comparable to one holding forth
on fourth dimensional mathematics, but in a
showdown is unable to solve a simple algebraic
problem. The rabid followers of the "Grand
Ones" are even more venomous in their attacks
on those who dare question their "Masters'"