Volume 4, Issue 10, page 12

dent assembly in what the London HASI called a "pirate" Syr?"g
conference. But when you form
an organization of "bridge 4
builders", you can expect many
of them to act like bridge- Y 1 U
builders -- not frightened sheep
who sit on the banks waiting
for someone else to provide a
safe crossing. As a result,
these "wildcat meetings" are 'r*
being attended in greater num- — `(bers than ever -- and the HASI BY
has taken all except two of COLUMBUS, O
the so-called renegades back expectancy and
into the fold.., pervades the
1 One of Ivor =Ws (Los munity. It
Angeles) greatest worries (at kostate intellec
the time of writing) was the
fact his tomcat had been miss- It is quite
ing for a fortnight -- probably it emerge int
trying to "insure the survival ty, in people
of his pussonality" , he said, yourself .

And Lucipuss, whom we consider Several Al
the most uninhibited, hungri- have written
est, wildest bit of feline fern- about my recen
ininity, meowed knowingly from ticles and ab
the publisher's lap as we con- in general. I
veyed this bit of information answer these
orally to all who'd stop long this column, s
enough to listen. What color One reader
was your tom, Ivor? We might pointed out t
keep on the lookout in case meat of an "um
Lucipuss starts strutting thru or state of c1
the yard with any theta kit- unless the ter
tens. Or are there such ani- is clearly de
mals?... ¶ And altho this has one man's me
nothing to do with kittens, or man's Poison ,
even theta offspring, we got a regards as "
card from our friend, Qrs Har- appear quite r
old Thibodeau, in Myrtle Be. a, oral to snots
S. Car., telling of plans to for the syner
add new bedrooms and another the term. I'1
bath to his house because of In the orig
the birth of a fifth child -- a try of Diane'
girl. " A girl, a boy, a girl , aberration" 1
a boy, and now a girl -- alter- it referred to
nately!" Dr. Thibodeau writes. °Ric response
"People say it can't be done, an engram. If
but we know how!!" If the good move him now"
doctor would tip us off on his reactive mind
secret, we'll wager we could words
y,don' and
find a market for such infor- would be stuck
mation that would insure the the engrain.
long life of The ABERREE, but might have a
we suspect any effort to market such information would run oveimu tim
afoul of the A.M.A., the Dept. The engrain
of Agriculture, the F. B. I., been abandoned
and the Infernal Revenue Bureau. Not that they object (es- gram technique
duce results.
pecially the latter) to a ci- "aberration" vilian making an easy buck or longer clear)
two, but unless we could prove meaning unders
we were paid-up snobs in the ed by all cons
A.M.A., and the alternating havoc h as be
system would work scientifi- Ditto for the
cally ten times out of nine, In Synerget
we're sure they'd find some a clear define
excuse to add us to their list "aberration".
of martyrs.. 00100 inition is no
If someone discovers a new that of (orig
way to murder, and there's any or of psyche
profit in it, undoubtedly it- means "departs
'11 be tried, sooner or later. we prefer a
Just as some radio station in "impedance". A
Los Angeles plans to inflict is a person
subliminal advertising on all an impedance-f
dumb enough to tune them in. W h a t is
e ~ d t m I w
teally marks First, aare few required. If preliminary you
re/ ^ observe (objectively and with
detachment) t he behavior of
` another, you find that he frequently acts as if he has experienced a threat to his selfesteem, or a loss of his selfesteem. Tell a woman that her
dress looks like a burlap bag,
and see what happens. Or tell
ART COULTER a man that he's Stupid or
hio -- An air of wrong about something, and
excitement now watch his response.

Syexciteme com- he immediate response, alSynergetic
one thing mmost invariably, will be a res
e, thing the active effort to protect or
restore self-esteem. By reacr " is possible. tive" is meant an action that
another to watch is literal and moronic, just
o dynamic reali- as the response to the words
you know, and in of an engram were literal and
E[tREE readers moronic. Most of us can easily
o ask questions recall situations in which
t series of ar- uch reactions have occurred
out series o etics n others. With a wee bit of
will be glad cs honesty we can also find them
questions v i a in ourselves.
d them on. Such a reaction is an exam:
o qui uesds rightly pie of an impedance. A Synerhatite achieve; getic clear, then, is a person
aatrtheed state who is free of all reactions
tate" to self - esteem threats and
emar "aberration" means s self-esteem losses.
fJust as Actually, a Synergetic clear
fined. i is Just
another is more than this, because imwhat one man pedances not only occur in reso asorwhatoo " may n action to self-esteem threats
aberral and nat- or losses. They also occur in
er. al asked me response to pain or pain
tic meaning of threats; to pleasure thwarts;
1 try to ng and to other "determinants"
1 inal engram oblige. ige- such as survival threats.
the term Imagine, if you will, what
tics, i quite cher ; a society would be like if
was a literal, mar- people would be completely
a the al, rm of honest with themselves and one
the words "Don another. They would have no
occurred, the need for masks. Intelligence
night take the would rise enormously. There
ovet quite )ite would be an end to reactive
the individual blame, to reactive vanity, to
in that part of reactive guilt.
n daily life he Next month I will respond
n daily she to another question: "Does a
the engram was t Synergetic clear have total
And so on.
recall ? COCO
theory has since A space is a nothingness
since the en- that disappears when you get
s failed to pro- in it.

Yet the term
has remained , no
y defined with a World's Most Interesting &
toot and accept- Informative Book Catalogue
erned. Semantic FREE if you mention this
en the result. magazine! Aura, Comparative
term "clear". Religion , Pendulums , Extra
1CS, we do have Sensory Perception, Radiestion of the term thesis, Nudism , Astrology,
Since this ref- Ancient Masters, Chromot the Same a- therapy, Raw Food Diet, etc.
ina11 Dsame ea ,Any subject which will
shock" ordinary people -- we
atry (where it cover! 48 illustrated pages
re from norm" ), which will keep you up
different term: nights -- reading our book
synergetic clear descriptions. We can locate
ho has achieved any book in print.
ree state.

Mokelumne Hill, California
an "impedance"?