Volume 3, Issue 8, page 6

spiritual relationships can be demonstrated in
group activities and private processing where
many experience an understanding of the socalled mysteries of the ages.

A young man, 2O years old, in two hours of
processing had a complete personality change.
He was shy; blushed easily and did not communicate on the verbal level well; spoke very
`haltingly. The first half hour of processing,
"Give me something you wouldn't mind remembering", was used along with "forgetting". It was
discovered that his older brother had consistently invalidated him throughout his childhood. Big brother told him he was stupid and
wrong about everything. Exploding his childhood home produced the data for him that each
of these heavy emotional incidents were sitting around the geographic areas as facsimiles
where they occurred, in the forms of explosions. Brother was the winning valence so he
had to be like brother and thus was re-creating and maintaining the facsimiles. The preclear was stuck on the black, or collapsing,
side of the many explosive incidents.

This group of facsimiles existing many
miles from his body had the effect of pulling
energy off of his body due to the- downward
spiral flow of the reactivated or restimulated
explosion patterns. The collapsing negative
sides of the incidents acted as vortices that
sucked energy from his body, particularly
since his business associate reminded him constantly of his brother.

A recent long distance phone call from his
brother had put him in a virtual state of collapse and
apathy. His refusal to communicate was actually a mechani- a O
cal energy problem. Creating
the sound of a word meant
throwing away energy from his
already energy-starved body. By ',Wen
He just couldn't stand to
talk. Therefore, we discover
restimulation possible in and
around the body but also at a
distance at the geographic lo11!;'w''
cation of incidents. The problem of restimulation is actually one of handling energy in
relation to the body.

Exploding his brother and
the locations freed the preclear from the postulates he
had made in the rage and invalidation patterns. Running
o m e forgiveness back and
forth -- the pre-clear forgiving
his brother and his brother
forgiving him -- smoothed out
his entire body tension energy
problem. He also became aware
of being able to create energy
directly into the body. He no
longer gets tired at work,
talks better, and has lost his
shyness. As a student of Scientology, he has had a change
of Life, Livingness, and Awareness, and is considering going
to college.

We can present many similar
cases which have released with
rapidity and with lasting ef- d n
fects. Postulates re-evaluated
and re-made as Totality do not
backslide. Gains made in this
type of processing are much
more readily maintained.

Scientological, metaphysical, and occult students will
recognize the value of the Totality concept compared to
6 Thi Al
, ^ q))
previous philosophies and methods presented on
this planet. Sri Auribindo, one of the greatest contemporary Indian mystics, in his book,
"The Mind of light", makes a most prophetic
statement: "A large Totality is the very nature
of this new and growing way of existence, a
fullness of the possibilities of the mind
transmuted, of life converted into a force of
spiritual power and joy of the body, divine
knowledge, divine bliss. All can be taken into
its scope, all can be an instrument, a vessel,
an opportunity for the expression of this Totality of the self manifesting spirit."
How did we ever get so far away from the
truth when in the holy books and writings, it
is stated over and over in many ways that we
are one with God. For example:
"Let this mind be in you, which was
also in Christ Jesus:
"Who, being in the form of God,
thouht it not robbery to be equal with
God:"- -- Philippians 2: 5-5.
Old Father Hubbard
Went to the cupboard
To find a new bridge for man.

But what he was cooking
Got spoiled by his looking --
And now, we don't think he can.

This "lifetime" isOno more your whole existence than is this paragraph the whole of the
magazine you hold in your hands.
//;..>:i .0
CEMBER, 1956