A. E. van Vogt

A well-known science fiction writer, A. E. van Vogt was very active in Dianetics; he ran the Hubbard Dianetic Center in Hollywood in 1955. His wife, Mayne, was also well-known to Aberree readers. The Weird Worlds of A. E. van Vogt is an excellent resource for more information.

Agnes Hart

The publisher of the Aberree. Also known as "Ye Pub." According to the masthead, she was a graduate of the HCA course. She and Alphia are married.

Alphia Hart

Editor of the Aberree; former editor of the official Dianetics Journal. Also known as "Ye Ed" and "the devil". He regularly refers to his green eyeshade. According to the masthead, he was a Doctor of Scientology, a Fellow of Scientology, a Bachelor of Scientology, and a graduate of the HCA and HDA courses. He was editor of the Journal of Scientology before he left Phoenix for Enid, Oklahoma. He and Agnes are married.

Art Coulter

An early member of Dianetics and related movements.

Arthur J. Burks

A prolific fiction writer, Burks was much involved in the self-help movements of the 1950s.

Don Purcell

A Wichita business man who had befriended Hubbard and nursed him back to health following Hubbard's divorce scandal. According to A Piece of Blue Sky, Purcell was "The head of the Omega Oil Company ... a self-made millionaire." Purcell bailed out the Elizabeth (New Jersey) Dianetics foundation and established a new on in Wichita; Purcell was president, and L. Ron Hubbard was vice-president. Shortly afterward, the two men had a falling out.

George Seidler

An early participant in Dianetics, he is one of the few to remain active in the official Church of Scientology. He has attested to OT VIII. Executive Director of the Peoria Mission for many years.

Helen O'Brien

A participant in Dianetics in its earliest years. Author of Dianetics in Limbo, an account of her experiences in Dianetics.

Jack Horner

An early Scientology instructor and the author of Summary of Scientology.

James Welgos

James Welgos was involved in Human Engineering and Eidetics.

John Galusha

A central member of the early Dianetics movement and President of the first chartered Church of Scientology. He later founded Idenics. A close friend has written a remembrance of John Galusha.

Ron Howes

An early Clear and the founder of Humanics and the Humanics Institute.

Ross Lamoreaux

Operator of the Phoenix Scientology Institute in the mid-1950s.

Volney Mathison

Mathison was the inventor of the E-Meter and author of several books about self-exploration. Advertisements for his meters and books appear throughout the Aberree.

According to an article he wrote for the Aberree, Mathison invented the "Fac One" death ray device in a former life, trillions of years ago.