Volume 10, Issue 2, page 3

is repellent, enters a body, it demagnetizes
the atoms and prepares a condition for bacteria to enter and disease to follow. Sometimes
the body becomes instantly disrupted by this
demagnetizing force and apoplexy is caused.
Many times paralysis is produced because the
red force is so great that the atoms which
compose the nerves of the body become demagnetized and never afterward regain their polarity.

Different shades of the red compose the
sub-currents of the great red current. The
light shade, called scarlet, indicates anger;
the darker shade, called crimson, indicates
sex desire. Fear is indicated by a still darker shade -- a red-brown which sometimes deepens
to almost brown-black, and sense gratification
is represented by a shade of wine color.

The orange current or force is used by
everything that lives upon this earth. It is
the life current and sustains every plant and
animal that exists. Every creature that breathes
inhales it with the atmosphere and things that
do not have lung capacity absorb this great
force thru their bodies, as sponges absorb water or moisture. If an animal becomes ill, it
immediately goes out into the sunlight and
breathes deeply of this orange force and if
permitted to remain in the sunshine and all
drugs, such as our sometimes unwise veterinary
surgeons give to animals, are withheld, the
creature will get well.

Green is the current of individualization.
It also represents selfishness, both in its
higher and its lower forms. Manifesting in this
great current is all desire for personal possessions, distinctions, and individual aggrandizement. It is the current of intellectualization without intuition. There are many who
have had a great deal of book learning, whose
objective minds are trained and who are intellectual, and their memory of facts and alleged
facts is wonderful; but their subjective minds
may be altogether undeveloped -- and yet these
persons pass for very wise individuals. They
vibrate green and have but little or no real

Selfishness in its lowest aspect is in a
subcurrent and belongs in the shade called
bottle-green. The desire for personal possessions, for distinction, and for aggrandizement
is the color of the grass we see in the Autumn;
it is a very pronounced shade, but not so dark
as the bottle-green. Intellectualization without intuition is a still lighter shade and a
wise individualization without selfishness is
of the shade called pastel-green.

Individualization manifests as the green
vibration everywhere in the Universe and when
you look out at night and see a star sending forth a green light, you may know that it,
like our earth, is passing thru the period of
individualization, and like our own world, is
the fourth planet in a chain of seven. The
planet of individualization is where men or
minds become self-dependent, independent, selfreliant. The grass and foliage upon earth is
green because in the vegetable kingdom Universal Consciousness is making an effort to individualize. As man develops and becomes more and
more individualized, he vibrates green in proportion to his development. The occultist uses
this color to create for himself and for others wealth, honor, position, and every material thing that can be desired.

The occultist also uses this green current
as an antidote for altruism. There comes a
time in the career of every man in some life
when he wants to bear everybody's sorrows and
(From the Published Lectures of Richard Ingalese.

Copyright 1902 by Richard Ingalese.)
(Continued from Last Issue)
F IT IS difficult for you to visualize the
color you desire, then get a piece of ribbon of the proper shade and look at it
until you have the color impressed upon
your mind. This will help you to visualize
the Cosmic currents, and when you are concentrating you should realize that they are
currents of force, tho you speak of them in
terms of color. When the blue current is mentioned, that force is meant which vibrates at a
rate that makes it appear as blue. Electricity
is a part of this current and when the proper
mechanism is Used to condense and conduct it,
it manifests as blue to the physical eye.

We will study the red current first as that
is the lowest in the scale. Red vibrations in
anything mean emotion of some kind. Man, like
an animal, sometimes uses the red current unconsciously and whenever he gets angry, he
connects himself with the Universal current of
red whether conscious of it or not, and that is
why he loses his self-control so quickly.

As soon as he becomes enraged, his aura
changes to the vibration red; then his aura is
vibrating sympathetically with the red Cosmic
current and the connection between the two is
instantly made. The red current has been
tapped, the man's aura is the conducting instrument for that force, and immediately the
man becomes filled with that vibration. Selfcontrol is swept away. He has connected himself with everybody in the world who is angry
at that moment and he is functioning in these
vibrations. He is receiving telepathically all
the ugly things that other angry people are
thinking about, and he does things while in
that condition which he had never thought of
doing. If he commits murder while in this condition, the legal fraternity calls him emotionally insane, and he escapes punishment by being incarcerated in an asylum. Red- is a low,
disruptive, jagged vibration, and when it is
drawn into a person it begins its disruptive
work upon the physical body of the person, and
all the good creations which he has made are
instantly repelled from his aura. And not only
are good things and good people repelled from
him, but he attracts all the so-called evil
manifestations, and unless he recovers his
mental poise and gets out of that red current,
nothing but misfortune will come until he is
swept out of his body.

Anger demagnetizes the atoms which compose
the physical body. There is a positive and
negative side of every atom as there is to
every magnetic thing in the world. When we
speak of a body having magnetic polarity, we
mean that to the negative of one side stands
the positive of the next and that to the negative of one atom stands the positive side of
another atom; and when the body is demagnetized, this relationship is destroyed.

The higher forces of nature flow rhythmically over these atoms when they are magnetically polarized; but when the red current, which

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