Volume 7, Issue 4, page 7

It is only thru personal experience that we
come to believe in any of the highly controversial beliefs that others sometimes try to
get us to accept -- such as astrology, faith
healing, palmistry, Spiritualism, and the sort
of thing Louis does -- pulling information into
his mind "out of the blue".

Estelle and her husband Cecil have been
among my closest friends for many years. When
they lived in New York City they were concerned about having no children and both underwent very thoro examinations, only to be
told they could never have children. It was
not until they moved to Los Angeles that I
came to know them. When Estelle was walking home, which he had rented as soon as we entered
along Wilshire Boulevard one day with a friend, the war and he returned to the Navy in his old
the latter noticed the sign of a medium and on position as a chief quartermaster. The tenants
the spur of the moment suggested they go in had written me about the need for
"and have their fortunes told". Estelle was repairs; the
told, "You are pregnant even if you are not mytior board gave le the al needed lls ionsono
aware of it, and it will be a boy ". She "knew " ay work as suchntat I worse installations
loaelaand ld
this was nonsense -- but it turned out true. She a avep was such h worked alone and could
was 31 when Larry was born. He's now 15. legs eredat I called a travel bureau reIn 1941, I was restless in Chicago as a registered to take was passengers on a shareIn
worker, gave up my work, and headed for the-cost basis (it was, remember, difficult
L.A., and was accepted for a position in China and persons to get on buses p and edneshev ,
eveas a Y.M.C.A. Secretary. War II was brewing and said o I c be there e 8 r.t Wednesday trip
and my shipping orders were postponed month by ning to pick miles.
anyone for the non-stop trip
month. A month before Pearl Harbor a college down 1400 miles.
chum and wife who had moved from Chicago to Wednesday morning, I left my car at a garage
Seattle, wrote urging me to come up there to
for s servicing and After trek, when I
work in a shipyard office until my overseas picked the car up, I check. heard a strange noise
job worked out there. I took it. under the hood I couldn't locate. Since there
jTwe war came along and my chance of a job were no garages open after 5 p.m:, I called
overseas war
so I worked seven days a the travel bureau to tell them my departure
ovek for more than evaporated, a year. I felt a strong s was being postponed. The woman was annoyed beweek to identify myself with the war effort de- in cause anan and his wife eeca waiting to go.
a more vital role than helping build ships, and andt went morning,
to tog, I work, , going returned for the ta the e car for that afand yet at the age of 44 didn't want to enlist ternoon to learn the bearings in the generator
as a buck private. I heard~of % Mrs. Penny in were bad and I'd have been without "juice" and
Bremerton, who read cards and had impressed stalled had I gone on the night before. But
friends very much. By now I had read a lot of now they had discovered a more serious matter
books on metaphysics but had never encountered which couldn't be fixed until parts arrived
a medium or fortune teller. Not from any confl- next day. It really didn't matter when I went
dence in Mrs. Penny but rather to escape from to L.A., so again I called the travel bureau.
the daily grind, I went to see her after waiting for a stormy Sunday to take the ride on "But the same man and wife are still here
the new streamlined ferry to Bremerton. waiting for you!" I was told. I suggested they
It cost 50 cents to have this experience find another ride, and hung up.
with her. Among other things she said: "I see Next evening I picked up the car and arrived
you -- within a month -- dressed in the uniform of three days late at the travel bureau. The same
an Army officer and being saluted on the couple still was waiting. I was introduced to
street." I was almost laughing at Mrs. Penny them -- a Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, complete strangers
as I asked: "How in the world could that be? -- and found them friendly and pleasant.

How many others have you told this story to?" We talked all night long. Mainly, I told
It was some ten days later that a traveling stories of adventures to keep awake thru the
recruiter for American Red Cross came to se- long foggy and drizzly night. Neither they nor
attle and I went to see him. Until then, Red I discussed their having waited three days to
Cross had meant only swimming lessons andli'ie ride with me.
saving, and disaster relief. He accepted me Mrs.Wilson, who sat in back, said very litfor training as a field director, and in an- tie, and I assumed she was sleepy and tired.
other ten days I was in a Washington, D. C., When we stopped at a village in Oregon for
class, dressed in anArmy officer's uniform and breakfast, she suddenly mentioned telepathy,
being saluted -- as she had seen so vividly. and I learned that she had graduated from New
York City College, that she had been a private
It was some months before I met Mrs. Penny, secretary to an officer in J.P.Morgan Co., and
however, if I may now backwater a moment for had attended night classes at the Rosicrucian
another experience, that I decided to drive College for several years before moving to L.
from Seattle to Los Angeles for a much-wanted A. That excited me. From then on, for the revacation due after working 1200 hours at the maining thousand miles to L. A.: I
doubt if I
shipyard. At L. A. I had been staying in San stopped asking questions about metaphysics. It
Fernando Valley with my older brother in his is a privilege to meet someone who knows so
JULY-AUGUST, 1960 The A B E R R E E 7
This feature is open to readers who can
do and do. do things that are not readily explained by orthodox behavior patterns. Here
you'll find no skeptics when you relate incidents of telekinesis, thought reading.
teleportation, use of the pendulum, dowsing.
automatic writing, prescience, use of the
Ouija board, etc. How did you do it? When
did you start? or discover you were 'different'? Can you help others duplicate your
feats? Maybe your 'facts' will prove nothing