Dear Editor (continued)

Friday night, 8-10, and Sunday morning 11-1.

"We hope to have the church in use every night, and after the first of the year every day, too. The study groups are 6-8 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and Sunday morning 9-11.

"The Aberree just arrived so I took time out to read it ... Hey! Whose game are you playing? We are all playing one whether we are aware of it or not.

"I have a rather good idea of the problems Ron has faced, when I look at my own problems in such a small way. People are at a certain place on the Tone Scale. You can bash your head against them, put out force and get it back, or you can grant them beingness, accept them where they are, and go on your way. This probably has been my stumbling block, but this aberration I'm conquering, too." -- Refa Postel, Detroit, Mich.

"It (The ABERREE) certainly gave me a good laugh, and also a lot of good data on other people's reactions.

"Bob Arentz's letter was very good, and, I think, very true in its account of the process of Dianetics since 1st Book. I was one of the guys who dived in headfirst with the others, and without understanding 1/2 of it. It was really great the way you could blame all your troubles on other people! Well, I stuck at it, and did 300 hours of processing on 1st Book and S.O.S. lines. Then Scientology burst upon the scene, and nothing would suffice but to have an intensive...

"That was 18 months ago, and it's only 9 months or so since I began to recover my sanity. It was the crudest type of 'whole track'. They waited until I cracked up, and then announced it was very dangerous. Not half it is! It broke our group into little bits that are spinning yet.

"However all is not lost, and I am even beginning to get interested in Scientology again. In the interim period I battled along with studying diet, relaxation, body-awareness, Welgos' Nexology, and so on. And I learnt a damn sight more by so doing than I did by bawling about Dianetics and other stuff I did not understand.

"I applaud Ross Lamoreaux's letter and I think he has made a good point. Techniques anybody can use are 0. K. after you have got yourself sorted out a bit. Motto: Don't do anything until you understand what you're doing. Also, take your time, don't rush it, and don't take it too seriously.

"Also, I applaud Bill Bradner's letter about being pushed around. I object to the B.D.R. being officially proclaimed a heresy, and such-like.

"In view of all that, the 'Aberree' is a needed counterbalance. Getting fanatical about things does nobody any good -- least of all, the fanatics ...

"Keep up the good work, but watch out you don't get burned at the stake one of these days." -- Ian M. Logan, Broomhill, Scotland.

"These two issues were simply terrific! I really get a kick out of the humorous articles, drawings, etc." -- Velma S. Jones, Houston, Texas.


Not many months ago the Professional Course Booklets were the "hottest thing" in Scientology. Now, although new publications have made them "ancient" on Scientology's short Time Stream, the data in them is still usable and valuable.

These were written from the tapes used to train hundreds of HDA's at the dozen or more Associate Schools set up in the United States. One of the foremost of these schools has sent us a large quantity of these books -- Nos. 1 to 31, inclusive -- to sell for them at much less than they cost them. The books printed to sell for 85 cents


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