Dear Editor (continued)

be the time to form an organization which could operate along the group dynamic. The need of such an organization becomes more apparent each time the C.E.C.S. puts out a new directive. Nothing I know in Scientology predicated the type of control which is coming out of the central organization of Scientology, and if you'll go to the Communications Manual, laid out there is an explanation of what happens to any organization or individual who constitutes the type of block on the com. line as the C.E.C.S...

"The type of conference you had in Enid is a good start at the type of organization we need. As soon as possible, I am going to suggest a mid-western conference, either here in Detroit or in Chicago. Out of these organizations, loose as they are (and should be) perhaps we can form the type of organization which can really represent Scientologists...

"All that is really being asked here is that we begin to use what we know and work along lines that can benefit the entire field. Such an organization can give us the standardization of goals and ideals rather than attempt an enforcement of standardized ideas as is now being done by the C.E.C.S." -- Ernest Wirick, Detroit, Mich.

"It's nice to be light-minded as (all?) most contributions are in the Aberree. Where, when do you stop? How is one to know what's serious and what is not? Everyone tries to be more hilarious than the other -- could die from the from laughing hiccups...

"Let's have a little more serious talk. I want to learn something and progress, not die laughing." -- Jacob Apsel, Champaign, Ill.

"It's time for a report on what results my letter to the H.A.S.I., with copies to the groups, accomplished. Out of 16 groups from whom we have so far received replies, 11, or 68.75%, were either in mild or strong agreement with our stand and against the group policy. Three, or 18.75%, were in agreement with the group policy. The remaining 12 1/2% consisted of two who misunderstood the policy, thinking that to qualify as registered groups, only three of their members needed to become members of H.A.S.I.

"So, as you can see, of those who understood the policy, the tally is now running almost 4-to-1 with us...

"In reply to our registered letter, Ron said: 'On checking through the answers from various groups throughout the world I find that out of some 250 groups that there are only two or three which are having a great deal of difficulty with this change of policy. Thus, it would appear to me those of you who are in the minority are apparently questionable from the stand point of the type of group that we would like to have spreading Scientology for us.' His figures, if you will notice, are considerably at variance with the results from our letter... Maybe this is someone in the front office feeding doctored data to Hubbard. I have written him again, giving him our figures, and outlining what may be a more succinct outline of our objections to the group policy, as follows:

"'To summarize, I believe our main objections to the group policy can be more succinctly put than we did in our letter of protest. Briefly, we do not disagree in toto with a purpose of prohibiting use of Scientology Professionally by unqualified, incompetent individuals, or of prohibiting use of the name Scientology by individuals or groups who are not Scientologists; but we do not agree that limiting possession and use of Scientology materials accomplishes either of these, the sole qualification for membership now being a minimum of $8.50. And, as we stated in a previous letter to you, we absolutely fail to see that a sum of money paid ever ensured competence in practice or understanding, or loyalty to any man or organization...' To date, we have received no reply... and it seems rather debatable now if he will answer until and unless the policy is rescinded; and that seems doubtful in view of the fact that subscription to the Scientological Shopping News, the Journal, is now $8.50 per year..." -- Jon R. Skinner, Secretary, Scientology Group, of Portland, Ore.

"Here is what we've been doing since I returned from Phoenix?

"I got permission from the Board of Education to study our Doctrine, so organized two groups, one on Monday night, one on Friday, and a children's group on Sunday morning. Tonight Frank Sullivan starts a new group, and Dec. 5, Leo Hoenel and I, along with our children's group, are starting a Sunday morning group. So there is group processing Monday, Wednesday, and


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