Dianetics Abandons Ills and Engrams as Goal of Processing (continued)

Dianetics Abandons Ills and Engrams as Goal of Processing

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the first book in 1950, and said that this book is about to become HASI property because of the royalties accumulated from continuing sales. When possible, he said, the book will be revised and reissued.

Ron said that the road to freedom, and out of a policed universe, was not followed by looking at one disability after another -- such as psychosomatic ills -- but at ability. Research, he said, is not completed, as there's no wrapper with which to wrap it up. "There is no ceiling on research into ability," he added.

However, he said that just because they have a new book doesn't mean that the old data is being discarded. Today, a "clear" and "theta exterior" mean the same thing, but the goal now is obtained without the erasure of engrams.

"We've found that the thing that produced the facsimiles can be taught to handle barriers," he said, "and when he does, he becomes a clear." The longest processing on record with the new techniques, he declared, was 150 hours, and he compared it to what could have been expected back in the days when Book One was all we had.

Taking up the subject of communication, Ron traced the development of the A.R.C. (Affinity-Reality-Communication) triangle which he conceived in 1950 while he was being audited. This triangle, he said, is even more important today than it was then, and one part of the triangle cannot operate without the other.

Communication, he said, is the most important point of the triangle, but nothing can happen when one of the three points is missing.

Com. lag, he said, is technical, and could be called an agreement lag. A com. lag is the time between the posing of a problem or statement and a direct answer. A "social reply", in which the person addressed merely makes a polite response, does not count.

Persons who like only those they've known for a long time have an affinity lag.

A reality lag is a judicious decision from one who's always waiting to find out what it's all about before he commits himself. This person, Ron said, "is crazy".

All three -- communication, affinity, and reality -- must be instantaneous in order to obtain no time lag in reaction.

He pointed out that combat pilots have more accidents because they've been taught to hate, and have little, if any, affinity. That's also why military equipment is so difficult to maintain.

If a person is cold and calculating, affinity is missing, Ron said; then, so is reality, and therefore, he can make no sane decisions.

A contract, Ron declared, seeks to continue agreements without further communication, and that's why most contracts -- especially if they're in force too long -- wind up in courts.

Citizenship, he pointed out, is a contract between the State and the individual. Criminality is an abrogation of the citizenship contract, and if we made an effort to communicate with the criminal, instead of putting him in a cell and out of communication, the results would be more favorable to society.

"If you cut all lines to the body, you'd probably have no memory at all," Ron said, "because memory is an effort to communicate with the past. This is the facsimile, the engram. An effort to break communication with the past is what makes one bad off. Freud's idea was that one can be helped by getting him in communication with the past.

"People consider memory of the past THE thing, and become fixated on the terminal they want to communicate with. This is because

APOLOGIA: ...We Didn't Know the Gun Was Loaded

The ABERREE, like other human agencies, can err. It also can make mistakes. Furthermore, it can be wrong. But there the similarity with the other human agencies ceases. We, when wrong, are willing to admit, and lend space to correct our sins. So, we admit the following:

1. Scientology does NOT wear a sable coat. Instead, Doctors of Scientology are uniformed like "Black V's", and adorn their bosoms with fancy bullet shields, or breast-plates, suspended on strings from around their necks.

The reason for the bullet shields is obvious. A "theta clear", Ron demonstrated, is one who has had his brains blown out with a .45. A polished breastplate is more washable after this operation than a white shirt.

2. So, we'd like to apologize to those who have insisted over the last few years that they were theta clears. We didn't know.