Over the Editor's Shoulder (continued)

traries in the creation of his usages but grants unto man the usages of his creations.' But Ceuga also comments that man imposes upon himself and other men arbitraries of the usages of his creations and that creation is for use and all that is has use or it would not be.

"It follows quite reasonable, it seems to me, that man, having created his universe and all that is in it can change and 'uncreate' that for which he no longer has use. Ceuga comments that the always of anything is in the has-been of it, never in the now or the future of it and, sort of as an aside, remarks that there is no need for man to destroy that which he has created -- when it no longer has a use it is not.

"Keep up the good work-The ABERREE nicely fits Wing Angell's 'rule of the thumb for evaluating anything': 'Is it creative, constructive and enjoyable? The ABERREE is!" -- Sadah Fields, Littleton, Colo.

"Thanks for the annual Christmas issue. I enjoyed it very much. Of course, I have been snitching Harold Cohn's and Bill Roth's copies for some time... I like the tone you use." -- Nell Barton, Houston, Texas.

"...Though it's quite true I do most of the talking, the Norrises and Jim Young are by no means 'silent' members of the Editorial Board of CHANGE. The outnumber me three to one and frequently do. They made me write two articles over and it just would not be possible to put CHANGE out without their help. Frances does the composition, Dick McMahan the artwork, Honest Jim Norris keeps the records, Slimjim Young keeps the money, gets the stencils, etc. Thanks for the publicity on it.

"Incidently, Synergetics is the study of synergy -- OFFICIAL definition." -- Art Coulter, M.D., Worthington, Ohio.

"One item you may be able to help me out on -- mostly for confirmation, if possible -- and that is in these theta symbols. Particularly the awareness unit. I have on a couple occasions seen little spheres about a half inch in diameter, red, green and blue in color. Also have seen an item about five inches in diameter, like a dandelion bloom, pale blue in color. The latter item was at a Scientology session and I saw the item sink into the crown of a person's head. Apparently I was the only one who saw it at the time, due to my position in relation to the person. I believe it had one of the half-inch spheres at the core but am hazy as to this point. I wonder if Hubbard has given out any data on this item. It is inconceivable to me to think that I am the only one to have noticed such items. Have you seen such? If so, what are they and what is the difference in relationship between the two types of items?

"It seems to me that from the tone of endeavors in the field of Scientology that there has been achieved a state of beingness wherein the subject has outgrown the exciting part, and is now tending to settle down to a MESTy, academic institution. It seems that the followers of the subject are just now beginning to realize that Scientology is not a wand-waving deal and those who have invested a lot of time and money on the field are beginning to flounder about in the attempt to reconcile the old problem of whether to make money or have fun. It is items like the Aberree that reflect still the idea of fun. Scientology as a church does not sound like like fun, neither do these certifications and legalities. It is of course vital to the heavy spenders and no squawk on that point . However, it strikes me that when professional status is sufficiently developed and recognized in the country, it will then behoove the layman to lay off the subject or get arrested for practicing Scientology without a license. It could get to the point wherein owning an E-meter without license or certificate of some kind could become illegal...

"In the early stages, having fun was stressed. High optimism was rampant that in a few years or so we would be telepathically developed, minds would function in high gear, all the desired results propounded by religion and philosophers and mystics would be laid bare for al1 to see. But now so much has developed in data, techniques, concept processes that there seems to be some confusion as to what this is all leading up to.

"It is obvious from subject matter read that the goal of creating a clear mind is slightly confused. Like these points on knowingness. If a person is not sure that what he knows is what he knows, irrespective of anyone else's knowingness, then he is just as bad off as if he had not dabbled in Scientology. Considering that MEST is a problem is in the same category. MEST is no problem to MEST. MEST is a problem to humans because they fight or reject aspects of it. Accept MEST strong enough and you run it out. It begins to become less solid. Reject it and it becomes more solid.

"The Scientologists tend to run into the same problem that mystics have run into for ages. The development of theta awareness brings about a realization of better states of beingness. The desire for the better states of beingness over the old MEST world as it is creates a strong dislike or rejection for MEST. This rejection, sometimes unnoticed but filed away somewhere in the mind, becomes the achilles heel in any mental endeavor. Rejection does not have to be direct. It can be indirect by the virtue of placing higher preference on the better states of being possible. The item of lower preference is a rejected item and becomes more and more solid, until the victim starts asking how do we KNOW -- which point of view is the right one? Which is valid.