Over the Editor's Shoulder (continued)

with a sense of living it today, being it now, working toward the immediate future. Perhaps this is the most remarkable thing about the whole group -- they feel and talk of a LIVING presence, contact with a CURRENT POWER, as contrasted with the older denominations' historical versifying.

"I have wanted to get to know some of these people well enough to introduce some of them to Pelley's Soulcraft ideas and to ideas of Hubbard and Kitselman in their fields. For the time being, however, I have contented myself listening, and questioning...

"What particularly interested me (in the last ABERREE) was not the 8th Dynamic piece -- I'm not at all sure of what the eighth dynamic is or was or might yet become -- but the item by Volney Mathison. This was the most important thing in the paper.

"What Fleet said he privately used, and what Volney used on Dr. X, was

"E Therapy

"Kitselman style.

"The words are different but the mock-up is the same. Incidentally, I don't like that term mock-up. In an airplane plant or car factory a mock-up is a physical model. In other things, 'to mock' means to belittle or to make appear ridiculous, etc. Whereas what you mean to do when a Scientologist uses the term, is


"Hubbard promised to straighten out these semantic messes, but goes right on compounding them...

"I am fairly certain that I could, with enough time, get together practically everything that has been given us by Hubbard, (excepting case items and the tone scale development) and find the data in print with a date some years before dianeticists got it..." -- Lee Lockhart, El Paso, Tex.

"I give up. Here's my 2 bucks. May you go down in history as the prime mover in the great Philosopy of: 'What's love? You can't buy money with it.'" -- Joe Wallace, Phoenix, Ariz.

"Thanks for the account of the 3 steps (Issue 4). These -- with Procedure 30 -- have helped me crack some of my toughest cases."-Evans Farber, Los Angeles., Calif.

"You are simply a sucker, Alphia, if you try to invalidate Howes. Too many people have met him. I would no more predict what that man is up to, than I would count the stars with no telescope from the other end of the galaxy. I misdoubt that not all he is to is roses. But there are other indications in seven other directions. Go ahead and predict, if you are willing to look like a monkey later on, and that is all the advice I am going to offer you. To anybody who has had much of a look at Howes, analyzing him can make you look kind of simian right now, friend. That is not an endorsement of him, either... You know the saying that a man is as sane as he is dangerous. Brother, is that lad dangerous. Editors who sound off on what they don't know, on the other hand, can be classified as 'harmless'. Sure that's what you want? Why not clam up on that and become dangerous also? " -- Alma Hill, Boston, Mass.

(Ed. Note -- We tried for 10 minutes to tell you how scared you've made us, Alma, but our fingers are shaking so badly we had to give up.)

"Thank you for The Aberree ... I think your industry and ability make it an admirable publication for Scientologists. At present though, I don't place myself in that classification... I don't know of any other Scientologists in this area than Stan Grady, and he is 30 miles away. Pittsburgh does not seem to be very well represented... Perhaps one reason is that Hubbard never came here." -- Bob Van Nice, Pittsburgh, Penn.

"Dick deMille's article, 'What of WHAT You Know?' prompts me to sound forth with a comment or two. How to know WHAT? May be I've an answer or two: How to know how to be with a child.... How to know how to feel good inside yourself. How to know how to be with other people with pleasure and profit to all concerned. How know what you want out of THIS experience here-now in THIS universe, with due consideration for its MEST aspects and its theta aspects and its aesthetic aspects. How to know how to reach out across miles to give a lift to someone who needs it. How to know how to look to see the beauty and joyousness of a colt running for sheer pleasure of motion. How to know how to grow thriving plants that bring good crops. How to know how to be with a dog or a cat or a child or a person of any age or a bird so that they come to you and you meet them and participate in beingness with them. How to know the lovely feeling of true worship when you send up a 'Thank you, God.' How to know that man IS what the symbol 'good' implies to all of us. How to know how to go your ways and walk with simple acceptance of yourself and all you meet. How to know how to meet what seems to be disappointment or failure.

"But mostly, how to know how to feel good inside yourself, for feeling good there, all else feels good.

"All of these things I realize, are here-now-in-from-and-with-this-body and in-this-universe things. But, Alphia, that's what we're doing NOW, and that's where our concern and interests are focused. In the words of Ceuga, the philosopher, 'God imposes upon man no arbi