Dianetics "Given Back" To Hubbard | Conference Set For Enid


Wichita Foundation Shut; Don Aims for New "Utopia"

The Dianetic Foundation of Wichita, Kas., has wriggled its last toe! Even the partitions in the building at 211 West Douglas, which cubicled offices, class rooms, and auditing rooms, are be ing torn out and the material will be used in the construction of homes.

Don G. Purcell, from whom L. Ron Hubbard split early in 1953 -- allegedly over the researches from which evolved Scientology -- revealed to Ye Ed last week that he has offered Ron the return of all Dianetic books, records, mailing lists, and even "the copyrights over which Ron and The Foundation have been in dispute."

Hubbard's acceptance of the gesture, Purcell said, was immediate, and the former partners have been in daily communication ever since the offer was made.

This does not mean, Purcell said, that he is giving up research into means for the betterment of man, but merely that he is transferring his allegiance from Dianetics to Art Coulter M.D.'s "Synergetics". They are embarking on what they call "Project Nucleus", "the creation of optimum individuals who, in turn, will be the nucleus for an optimum community". Purcell said they hope to avoid the errors and pitfalls which have beset other utopias in the past by preparing the personnel in advance.

The new project, Purcell said, has no financial goal, and processing will be on a free rather than a fee basis. He added that the only qualifications for membership is that the applicant be human -- regardless of creed, race, or color -- and they "might even accept animals if they're smart enough to understand".

No decision has been made as to what will be done with the Foundation's publication, "Dianetics Today", now in suspension.

Conference Set for Enid

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several tape recorders and an assortment of tapes for use during the morning hours.

The tentative program is as follows:


1:00-1:30 Registration
1:30-3:00 Introduction and Presentation.
3:00-5:00 Group auditing, either by selected leaders or by tapes.
5:00-7:00 Dinner break.
7:00-10:00 Group auditing and/or taped lectures.
10:00-? Bull sessions or private auditing by individual arrangements.


8:00-12:00 Lecture and auditing tapes available for use of various groups.
12:00-1:30 Luncheon in Enid Room of Hotel Youngblood.
1:30-2:30 Introduction and Presentation of Scientology.
2:30-4:30 Group processing.
4:30-5:30 Introduction of delegates and summation of individual activities.

25 Taking Clinical Course Given by Horner in London.

The Advanced Clinical Course opened in London the first week in September with an enrollment of 24 students, Jack Horner, D.Scn., reports. Dr. Horner, who is conducting the courses, uses both tapes of L. Ron Hubbard and live lectures to present the newest data to "train auditors who know what they are doing and how they are doing it with certainty".

At the first London Congress given shortly after Dr. Horner's arrival, more than 125 were in attendance, and double this number is expected for the second Congress, Dr. Horner said.