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The ABERREE, October, 1954

The Non-serious Voice of All Serious "Sciences of Thought", with a Circulation that Covers the Earth.

Published in the Dark of the Moon -- 6 to 12 Moons a Year -- at 207 N. Washington, Enid, Okla.

Editor: The Rev. Mr. Dr. ALPHIA OMEGA HART, D.Scn., F.Scn, B.Scn., D.D., HCA, HDA, (And we can prove it.)


POLICY -- Don't take it so damn' seriously.

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Vol. 1, No. 6 October, 1954


If our present emotional policy of government continues, it won't be too long before America will be peopled by Russian refugees, and either our jails will be full or Russia will be peopled by former Americans condemned as Communists.

While we publicly castigate and execute in the press anyone who, through error, decision, or accident, is or ever was connected with any organization that comes under red or pink suspicion, we at the same time hold open our arms toward Russian spies, Russian generals, and murdering reds who want asylum when their homeland executioner begins breathing on the back of their necks.

Not only that, we -- at the taxpayers' expense -- wine, dine, and entertained foreign leaders who -- after a grand sightseeing tour of our FBI and military set-ups -- go over to the Russian camp.

Too many of our policies andlaws are the excreta of an emotional binge, remaining as a plague and stench long after the emotion itself has given way to sane thinking. One has only to review some of the ridiculous laws and ordinances still on our statutes -- and never repealed -- which seem to serve only one purpose: providing copy for jokes and cartoons in our national magazines.


Dick deMille's article on "Knowing How to Know" in the September ABERREE aroused a lot of controversy, but at no time has the misunderstanding of the word "know" been more apparent than during an argument we had with a friend who contended knowing was simply a matter of having faith.

Not that we think we know everything to be known about knowing, but we certainly can't agree that these two words are exact synonyms. Man can believe in God, and have faith in God's judgment, but that doesn't mean he KNOWS. He can KNOW there's a paved street from his home to the office but he only BELIEVES he can follow that ribbon of pavement as he has numerous other times and arrive at his destination. If he takes a bus, he has FAITH in the transportation system to get him there, but he certainly doesn't KNOW that the road won't be torn up, or that the bus won't break down, or that he won't drop dead, or break his leg changing a tire that MAY be flat, or be arrested for speeding just because the cop in the car he tried to pass didn't like the way his wife fried his eggs that morning for breakfast.

In FAITH, man expects -- sooner or later -- to have proof given him to confirm his faith. But if you KNOW, you would be quite upset to find out you were wrong. Daily, we can have our beliefs and faiths shaken and invalidated with merely a readjustment of our points of reference, but play tricks on WHAT a man KNOWS and you may have elected him a delegate to one of the state's torture chambers.

WHAT you KNOW is the sum of your evaluation of experience and what you believe is a rationalization of current data.