Who's Who in the Aberree - the Cast of Characters

The people who people the Aberree were definitely characters - as in, "he's quite a character." They're quirky and opinionated. They have an interest in exploration, and most have a distinct sense of humor.

Alphia and Agnes Hart founded the Aberree.

Alphia Hart<
The editor of the Aberree. Also known as "Ye Ed" and "the devil". He regularly refers to his green eyeshade. According to the masthead, he was a Doctor of Scientology, a Fellow of Scientology, a Bachelor of Scientology, and a graduate of the HCA and HDA courses. He was editor of the Journal of Scientology before he left Phoenix for Enid, Oklahoma. He and Agnes are married.
Agnes Hart<
The publisher of the Aberree. Also known as "Ye Pub." According to the masthead, she was a graduate of the HCA course. She and Alphia are married.

A number of important figures from the early days of Dianetics and Scientology pop up regularly in the pages of the Aberree. Here's a short, terribly incomplete list:

A. E. van Vogt<
A well-known science fiction writer, A. E. van Vogt was very active in Dianetics; he ran the Hubbard Dianetic Center in Hollywood in 1955. His wife, Mayne, was also well-known to Aberree readers. The Weird Worlds of A. E. van Vogt< is an excellent resource for more information.
Don Purcell<
According to A Piece of Blue Sky<, Purcell was "The head of the Omega Oil Company ... a self-made millionaire." Purcell bailed out the Elizabeth (New Jersey) Dianetics foundation and established a new on in Wichita; Purcell was president, and L. Ron Hubbard was vice-president. Shortly afterward, the two men had a falling out. Hubbard began attacking Purcell and threatened to sue him for a million dollars. Ultimately, Purcell gave many of the foundations remaining assets, including copyrights, to Hubbard, and allied himself with Art Coulter's Synergetics instead.
Volney Mathison<
Mathison was the inventor of the E-Meter< and author of several books about self-exploration. Advertisements for his meters and books appear throughout the Aberree.